Robert Beckowitz Unseen Pictures: Where Are Jeannine Clark and James Glover Now? We have received a report that an American Biker that went by the name of Robert Beckowitz was murdered by the one who was allegedly his best friend and was known as Edward Glover. The incident was such that there was a guy named Robert Beckowitz who was watching a show called the Benny Hill show with his girlfriend, Jeannie Clark, when his friend, James Edward Glover had come behind him and then started shooting at him in the back of his head using the .45 caliber bullets and then even tried to stab him more than 80 times after the shooting to make sure that he dies. The thing that made James commit such a horrible crime was that Robert and Jeannie were having an affair in secret and it might have been the motivation for the crime. Follow More Updates On

Robert Beckowitz

Robert Beckowitz Unseen Pictures

The murder of Robert Beckowitz was registered in the July of 1982 when his best friend James Glover had come from behind and then shot him dead then stabbed him as well. The bullets used for the shooting were of .45 caliber and it was a handgun.

It is said that Robert’s girlfriend was having an affair in secret with James and that might have been the motivation that led him to kill the man named Robert who was also his best friend. Later, it was reported that Jeannie was also involved in the murder of Robert Beckowitz. They both were then spending the three days after his murder in an s3x ritual that was fuelled by drugs and they were even dismantling the parts of his dead body.

Where Are Jeannine Clark and James Glover Now?

Then they took pictures of themselves dismembering his dead body using a hacksaw and they were also posing his body which was really dreadful and degrading to the man who had died. There were even naked pictures of them and some had intimate pictures as well.

Even though the photos are available on the internet and people can search for them, it is advisable that they should exercise caution as they are very graphic and might even shock many on the internet. There is a photo that shows the head of Robert that was decapitated and put up on the chair and the toe of his dismembered foot in his mouth was also shown. His chest was also stripped of his arms, legs, and his head. His body was also cut into 14 pieces and those pieces were hidden in the plastic bags all around the apartment.

The culprits of the murder of Robert were sentenced to prison and Jeannie received a sentence of six years in prison for mutilation of the corpse. James had also pleaded guilty and then was given the sentence of 30 to 50 years in prison on the charge of 2nd-degree murder and mutilation.


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