Was Robert Atkins Arrested? Where is Joy Hibbs’ killer Robert Atkins now?: Today, we will be talking about the criminal known as Robert Atkins who was busted recently after being charged with the murder of a woman. Robin was also the neighbor of Joy Hibbs and they were even in close proximity to each other. Then he was charged with the murder of Joy and then, later on, killed Joy in the process. Later, her ex-wife came forward and said that “Robert had come with blood on his clothes,” and then opened up about her stabbing of someone on that day. Follow More Updates On UptoBrain.com

Robert Atkins Arrested

Was Robert Atkins Arrested?

He has been arrested for criminal actions and has been imprisoned as well. We can say that we reap what we sow and he got the fruits of his criminal actions. The sentence that has been given to him was that he has to serve a life sentence in prison. However, the family who lost a member has been furious over the sentence and has been asking for a much strict sentence for the murderer.

There was an investigation of the incident that went on which revealed that the murderer was also addicted to many drugs. The police had found many harmful substances in possession of the murderer when they arrested him. The information on Robert Atkins is not available on the internet and it seems that he was quite inactive on social media platforms. The information about his personal life was kept a secret.

Where is Joy Hibbs’ killer Robert Atkins now?

Robert is a 56-year-old man who was arrested on the 26th of May and the charges on him were related to the murder of Joy. He had killed Joy Hibbs and his body was lying in the burning bedroom of his son. The murder happened in 1991 and the police reported that there was someone who had beat, and stabbed, and is likely that he had touched the mother as well before he had lit the house on fire.

The charges put on the man were not just the murder but there were many other offenses as well. The charges were announced by the Bucks County District Attorney’s office. There was another suspect as well and he used to live down the lane of Joy’s house and it was uncovered in the initial stages of the investigation. The investigation went on for over five months and only then any decision was made. As of now, Robert is behind the bars and is still well and alive.


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