The grand finale of the most prominent and highest TRP containing reality show MTV Roadies Revolution is just a few days to go. The episodes in the week pump the TRP from the top to its peak of success. The makers are very happy with its ongoing season because the show containing lots of love from the viewers and giving many entertaining episodes to all the people. The Semifinals Task in the last week already engrossing all the people. Everyone just wants to know the winner name of Roadies Revolution but the Grand Finale of the show will be taking its time to increase the suspense and the level of interest among fans.Roadies Revolution Winner Name Revealed Top 3 Finalist Contestant Grand Finale Task

Already the show takes its multiple twists to give another level of turns in the straightforward story lineup. The first amazing twist was chosen Hamid as the first finalist of the season. The second twist was introducing Semi-Finals Task for all the deserving contestants who taking the ability to compete in the Grand Finale. Roadies Revolution on its peak and all the viewers are want to know the final name of the winner of the show. Everyone starting polls on social media platforms and getting lots of votes from the fans.

Who Will Win? MTV Roadies Revolution Winner Name

The other finalists of the show are Jayant Yadav and Akash who will ready to give the hardest competition to Hamid in the Grand Finale. Many people think that the winner of the show is Hamid because he is the only one who gives a very genuine and outstanding performance in the show. Many polls on social media confirmed that a very huge amount of people are supporting Hamid as the winner. Roadies Revolution Season 18 is going on very well and giving many genuine and interesting episodes to all the viewers.

Many people who want to watch Roadies Revolution Grand Finale can here know the winner of the show. The probable chances of win of Hamid are more than other contestants and many people are giving support to the contestant also. The show already containing a very genuine and reputed TRP from the audience and making everyone’s time very entertaining by introducing fabulous episodes in the last week of the show. If you want to watch the upcoming episode of Roadies Revolution Season 18 then it will be airing on MTV India at 07:00 PM IST every Saturday. So, if want to know more interesting facts and detail about the reality shows then keep in touch with us.


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