The most popular reality show In India ‘MTV Roadies‘ Ready To Entertain Your With Another Episode To Make’s Your Weekend Special, On Every Weekend MTV Roadies Makers Dropping Bombshell episode with Full of Drama, Masala, thriller, Ranvijay The Backbone of the Show Never Skip any Chance to Makes More Interesting Show, Along with 4 Gang Leaders Neha Dhupia, Nikhil Chinnapa, Varun Sood, Prince Narula, Varun Sood Replaced Indian Pop-Star Raftaar.

Roadies Revolution 5th December 2020 Written Update

Roadies Revolution 5th December 2020 Written Update

According to The News Portals Raftaar Will Not Come Back This Season for Sure, Akash Varma and Apoorva Gola Representing Prince Narula Gang They Both are Permanent Members of the Gang, Right Now Price Narula is Not There But According to The Sources Prince Narula Come Back On Show, Soon The Hearth of MTV Roadies Bac On Show With New Energy.

In the Last Episode, Prathibha Singh Eliminated Because of Her Violate Behavior Towards Arushi Chawla, Now She Been Eliminated From MTV Roadies, In Ranvijay Words, There is No Space On MTV Roadies For This Voilance so You Have to Face Consequence Of Your Action, In The ‘Basket Brawl’ Task Prathibha Singh was Very Active During Task In The Task There was Pushing and Pulling From Both Sides But Prathibha Singh Slapped In the Task This is Not Acceptable, Arushi Chawla Explain Whole Scenario and Demended Justice, Ranvijay Asked From All the All Roadies Contestants How Many People’s want UnImmune Prathibha Singh, Most of the Contestants Raised Hand and She Been UnImmune, But Arushi Chawla Want To Direct Eliminated Prathibha Singh Because of Her Action, So Ranvijay Checked Footage Along with Gang Leaders and In the End They Punished Prathibha Singh as Eliminated From MTV Roadies Show.

After Prathibha Singh Eliminated Ranvijay continuous Vote Out Session, This Time Ranvijay Brings One More Twist, Ranvijay Said They Have to Divided Into 2 Pair and Rest of the Roadies Contestants Will Vote Against Pair Because This Time Also Double Elimination as he Mention In Starting, So Everyone Makes There Pair, Jayant-Abhimanyu, Michael-Nisha, Zabi Khan-Poonam Singh, In the Last Arushi Chwala and Sanjay Negi Pair, Everyone is Shocked to Because of Pair Twist Most of the Contestants are Against Arushi Chawla So Most of Contestants Voted Against Arushi Chawla So Sanjay is the Pair of Arushi Chawala, He also Eliminated along with Arushi Chawla.

Mtv Roadies

Roadies 5th December 2020 – Arushi Chawla VS Sanjay Negi Task Elimination Highlights

But Ranavijay Brings Another Twist and This Time Eliminated Contestants Arushi Chawla and Sanjay Negi Will Face In Task, Winner will be Stay On Roadies and Looser Contestant will Eliminate from MTV Roadies, In This Task, Both Contestants Have to Pick 3 Members For Participating in Task, Arushi Chawla Trying to Convince People’s But Most of the Contaastants are Injured and don’t want to Perform In the Arushi Chawla Team In the Last a lot of things happens In the Ends Finally Both Selected 2 Members and Varun and Nikhil Themselves Performing In the Task Because Most of People’s Don’t want to Performance In Their Teams

Arushi Chawla Team Members

  • Aman Poddar
  • Miceal Ajay
  • Nikhil Chinappa

Sanjay Negi Team Members

  • Akash Verma
  • Jayant Yadav
  • Varun Sood

Gang Leader Stars Leaderboard Updates

  • Varun Sood : 3 Stars
  • Nikhil Chinapa : 3 Stars
  • Prince Narula: 2 Stars
  • Neha Dhupia: 1 Star

MTV Roadies 5th December 2020 – Elimination Task Winner Name

According to the Sources Arushi Chawla Winner of the Elimination Task and Get Back On MTV Roadies Journey and On the Other hand Sanjay Negi Finished His Journey at Peak of Roadies Show, But he had a lot of Fun on MTV Roadies and Makes Everyone Smile, In this Task Arushi Chawla Performing Very Well Along With Team Members Aman Poddar, Miceal Ajay and Nikhil Chinappa Don’t Forget to Watch Roadies On MTV at 7 Pm!


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