The Handball Bundesliga is coming back with the another match of the league and the match will take place tonight at the scheduled arena. Many fans are excited to know to about this match including its time, arena, league and many more things. The league have already come with several matches this year and again.

rnl vs fag

Two teams of the league, Rhein-Necklar Lowen (RNL) and team Frisch AUf Goppingen (FAG) is going to face each other in today match. Both teams are ready to play this battle and they have already played 3 matches in this league and it is going to be the 4th one.

RNL vs FAG Live Score

Here, you will get all the important information about the match including its time, venue, league, date, squad, lineups and many more things. Much information is not available on the Internet about this match but we always bring that information that is mostly not available anywhere.

Some of the watchers are searching for the information like which team has more chances to win this match so, we will also provide you with some information related to the match and the match will take place at SAP Arena, Germany under the German Handball Bundesliga. So, are you excited for the match and its gameplay.

RNL vs FAG: Match Details

  • Team Name:- Rhein-Necklar Lowen (RNL) vs Frisch AUf Goppingen (FAG)
  • League:- German Handball Bundesliga
  • Venue:- SAP Arena, Germany
  • Date:- Sunday, September 26, 2021
  • Time:- 07:30 PM IST

RNL vs FAG: Team Squad

Rhein-Necklar Lowen (RNL):- Mikael Appelgren, Andreas Palicka, David Spath, Nikolas Katsigiannis, Uwe Gensheimer, Lion Zacharias, Benjamin Helander, Mamadou Diocou, Patrick Groetzki, Krishtjan Horzen, Ymir Orn Gislason, Jannik Kohlbacher, Mait Patrail, Philipp Ahouansou, IIija Abutovic, Lukas Nilsson, Andry Schmid, Juri Knorr, Nicklas Kirkelokke, and Albin Lagergren.

Frisch AUf Goppingen (FAG):- Daniel Rebmann, Nicolas Gross, Urh Kastelic, Felix Waiser, Marcel Schiller, Till Hermann, Marco Rentschler, Axel Goller, Jacob Bagersted, Kresimir Kozina, Sebastian Heymann, Tobias Ellebaek, Tim Kneule, Felix Zeiler, Janus Daoi Smarason, Christos Erifopoulos, Nicolai Theilinger, Srdan Predragovic, and Nemanja Zelenovic.

RNL vs FAG: Probable Lineups Player

Rhein-Necklar Lowen (RNL):- Andreas Palicka, Uwe Gensheimer, Mamadou Diocou, Jannik Kohlbacher, Andy Schmid, Lukas Nilsson, and Albin Lagergren.

Frisch AUf Goppingen (FAG):- Urh Kastelic, Marcel Schiller, Axel Goller, Kresimir Kozina, Sebastian Heymann, Christos Erifopoulos, and Srdan Predragovic.

RNL vs FAG: Match Prediction

Both teams have played amazing gameplay and it can be seen that team FAG has played well more than the rival team. They won three times out of 3 matches and standing in the 4th position.

On the other side, team RNL is standing in the 11th position with 2 points. They have also played three matches but won only a single match. It could be predicted that team FAG has more chances to win this match.


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