German Basketball League is all set to entertain the fans with another match. The league has already introduced some of the best matches and now, another match is about to start. As per the scheduled time, team RIESEN Ludwigsburg (RL) and team Gottingen (BGG) is going to play the next match of the league.

RL vs BGG Live Score

Many fans are visiting the arena to watch this match. It will be interesting to watch this battle because of the teams and their players. Every single player of the league has played some amazing matches in this league. Here are some more important details.

RL vs BGG Live Score

Through this article, we like to share all the details of the match such as time, date, venue, league and lineups players. Many players are going to appear in the league. Fans are visiting the arena to support their favourite team tonight. All the details such as lineups players and squad are available in this article.

If you are searching for the best players who can perform in the match better, team Jonah Radebaugh, Justin Simon, Tremmell Darden, and Ethan Happ are going to appear in the upcoming match. Here are some more details of the match.

RL vs BGG:- Match Details

  • Team Names:- RIESEN Ludwigsburg (RL) vs Gottingen (BGG)
  • League:- German Basketball League
  • Venue:- Arena Ludwigsburg (Ludwigsburg)
  • Date:- Thursday, February 17, 2022
  • Time:- 01:00 AM IST

RL vs BGG:- Team Squad

RIESEN Ludwigsburg (RL):- Jonah Radebaugh, Justin Simon, Tremmll Darden, Yoeli Childs, Jordan Hulls, Ethan Happ, James Woodard, Rawle Alkins, Vorman Polas Bartolo, Jacob Patrick, Jonas Wohifarth-Bottermann, Jaylen Hands, Tekele Cotton, David Walker, Johannes Patrick, Lukas Herzong, Jonathan Baehre, Jonathan Bahre, Nico Santana Mojica, and Emmanuel Ugboh.

Gottingen (BGG):- Harald Frey, Kamar Baldwin, Jake Toolson, Stepshen Brown, Jeff Roberson, Harper Kamp, Mathis Monninghoff, James Dickey, Akeem Vargas, Zack Bryant, Philipp Hartwich, Haris Hujic, and Marios Glotis.

RL vs BGG:- Lineups Player

RIESEN Ludwigsburg (RL):- Justin Simon, Rawle Alkins, Jaylen Hands, Tekele Cotton, Vorman Polas Bartolo, Tremmll Darden, and Jonathan Bahre.

Gottingen (BGG):- Jake Toolson, Stepshen Brown, James Dickey, Philipp Hartwich, Haris Hujic Akeem Vargas, and Zack Bryant.

RL vs BGG:- Match Details

The match is about to start and team RL is standing on the 6th spot with 20 total matches where they won 13 matches and lost 7 matches.

On the other side, team BGG is standing on the 8th spot with 18 matches where they won 11 and lost 7 matches. According to the experts advice and analyst, team RL has more chances to win this match tonight.


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