Team Riesen Ludwigsburg (RL) and team Brose Bamberg (BBG) are coming back with one more match of the day. Both teams are going to compete with each other in the German Basketball League. Both teams are well known for playing their matches in another way and it will be interesting to watch these matches in the arena, where the match will be held. Fans are too excited to watch this match tonight and if you are a big fan of the league so, you need to watch this match completely. Here are some important details of the match.


According to the sources, the match is all set to entertain the fans and maybe, it will be interesting to watch this wonderful match tonight. Here are some important details of the match such as its time, date, venue, league, and lineups players. Most of the fans are also planning to visit the arena to watch this wonderful battle against each other. Jonah Radebaugh, Christian Sengfelder, Justin Simon, Justin Robinson, Tekele Cotton, Akil Mitchell and Lukas Herzog could be the best players for tonight’s match. If you really want to support these teams. You can visit the arena and support your favorite teams tonight.

RL vs BBG: Match Details

  • Team Names:- Riesen Ludwigsburg (RL) vs Brose Bamberg (BBG)
  • League:- German Basketball League
  • Venue:- Arena Ludwigsburg (Ludwigsburg)
  • Date:- Sunday, March 13, 2022
  • Time:- 01:00 AM IST

RL vs BBG: Team Squad

Riesen Ludwigsburg (RL):- Jonah Radebaugh, Jacob Patrick, Eduard Roschnafsky, Tremmell Darden, Jonathan Bahre, Tekele Cotton, Lukas Herzog, Yorman Bartolo, James Woodard, Justin Simon, John Patrick, Jordan Hulls, Rawle Alkins, Jonas Wohlfarth-Bottermann, Ethan Happ, and Emmanuel Ugbo.

Brose Bamberg (BBG):- Akil Mitchell, Kristian Ortelli, Shannon Scott, Luke Passarge, Marvin Omuvwie, Omar Prewitt, Chris Dowe, Dominic Lockhart, Tomas Kyzlink, Kenneth Ogbe, Patrick Heckmann, Justin Robinson, Christian Sengfelder, and Martinas Geben.

RL vs BBG: Lineups Player

Riesen Ludwigsburg (RL):- Jonah Radebaugh, Jonas Wohlfarth-Bottermann, Ethan Happ, Tekele Cotton, Lukas Herzog, Yorman Bartolo, James Woodard, and Justin Simon.

Brose Bamberg (BBG):- Justin Robinson, Christian Sengfelder, Martinas Geben, Kenneth Ogbe, Patrick Heckmann, Akil Mitchell, Dominic Lockhart, and Tomas Kyzlink.

RL vs BBG: Match Prediction

Well, the standing shows that team RL is at 5th spot with 22 matches where they won 15 matches and lost 7 matches. On the other side, team BBG is at the 12th spot with 9 victories out of 22 matches. Well, the prediction is revealing that team RL has better chances to win this match tonight against the rival team.


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