The American teen drama series Riverdale is airing its season 5 which is loving by fans and viewers from each corner of the world. The drama is based on Characters by Archie Comics and it is most loving by teenagers. Every episode provides you with another dose of drama and entertainment.

riverdale season 5

In the latest episode of the series, we saw that Eric Jackson is trying to deal with Archie and also trying to deal with trauma since they have served in the Army. While Uncle Frank is helping them through their issues. Well, Betty is not going to quit the search which is running for Polly. She is ready to do whatever she can do to find her.

On the other side, Veronica is ready to set up her own empire and to get profit, she doesn’t worry about anyone. Along with this, we saw that Betty and Tabitha are coming up at an Entertaining show with their new idea so, they could attract truckers and order to find them who is responsible for the event. Well, there is a trucker who did not stop at a pop.

Betty did not understand a thing that a trap is waiting for her and she fell down in the trap. However, she always stays ahead against her enemies and truckers don’t know about this. Now, the fans are waiting to watch the next episode of Riverdale Season 5. Episode 15 is ready to release in the upcoming days.

Riverdale Season 5 Episode 15: Spoilers

Now, the upcoming episode will come with the title “Chapter Ninety-one: Return of the Pussycats”. The latest episode will focus on Josie McCoy who has become a world-famous musician. After abandoning her world tour, she came back to Riverdale. In a small town, Josie will meet her former band partners, Valerie and Melody, and get to know the reason that why did she come back. On the re-union, Pussycats seem on the cards. In the middle of this, Veronic can struggle to handle a land deal and can get help from Tony. In the new episode, Veronica will get to see again with Alexandra. You can also watch the promo of Riverdale Season 5 Episode 15.

Riverdale Season 5 Episode 15: Release Date

Now, the next episode is about to release and you can watch the episode on September 8, 2021. Along with this, the fans can watch this episode on The CW at 8 PM ET. Well, it is important to know that the season enlisted with 19 episodes, and each episode will air every Wednesday.

If you are a fan of this teen drama so, you can watch every episode without any worries. The CW channel is the best option to watch this amazing series. If you never watched a single episode of the series and want to watch the previous episode so, you can visit the official website of The CW and watch previous episodes. While you need a valid cable login to access the application.

Not only this, you have many options to watch this amazing teen drama like Youtube TV including Fubo TV and Apple TV. You can stream the apps and can watch the latest and previous episodes of the series.


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