How Did Rita Mukherjee Die and what was her death reason? Radio Producer Passes Away: It is saddening to announce that the veteran radio producer named Rita Mukherjee passed away on Thursday 16th June 2022. Rita Mukherjee was well-known as the former director general at All India Radio and she was also designated as a Radio Producer. But suddenly the news of her demise broke the hearts of the people who were close to her. At first, the news of Rita Mukherjee’s death was made public by the former director-general of AIR. Now everyone related to her community is paying tribute to her via social media. Meanwhile, many are questioning what happened to her and what was Rita’s age at the time of her demise. If you are also being catered to these questions then keep reading it and must take a look below. Follow For More Updates

Rita Mukherjee

How Did Rita Mukherjee Die?

The latest report revealed that the radio producer was found dead at her residence in Delhi. Rita Mukherjee was a resident of South Delhi where she used to live alone. The news went viral when the former director-general of All India radio address the news of Rita Mukherjee’s passing. There is no doubt she was a well-known personality in the radio community and associated with numerous wonderful radio shows. What could be the reason for her demise and what is the official cause of the death of Rita Mukherjee? Read the answers to these questions in the following sections.

Rita Mukherjee Death Cause

The former director-general of AIR revealed that Rita Mukherjee was discovered dead at her home in South Delhi by her maid. Her maid called Rita’s neighbors and then they called the police to take over the situation. As per the latest report, she might have committed suicide. However, the autopsy report is yet to come out and is also yet to reveal the actual reason for her death. But it is seeming that Rita Mukherjee took her own life. What was her age? Let’s find out more about Rita Mukherjee in the next section.

Rita Mukherjee: Radio Producer Passes Away

Rita Mukherjee had become 81 years of age by the time she passed away on Thursday 16th June 2022. Rita Mukherjee was the chief of the National Programme of Features at All India Radio twenty years ago. And she also produced plenty of shows during her career at AIR and excelled in the field. Rita Mukherjee held the most standards of broadcasting undoubtedly. Stay tuned to this website for more details.


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