Who Is Ripudaman Singh Malik’s Wife? 1985 Air India Bombing Suspect Death: You must have heard the news of the shooting incident that happened in Canada. It has been in the hots for quite a while and every news headline has been covering it. The shooting incident involved the death of a businessman from Vancouver, Ripudaman Singh Malik. He was shot dead and there have been speculations that say it was a targeted killing and might have been related to Air India bombings in 1985 that had allegedly taken a lot of lives in that attack. He was shot dead on the morning of this Thursday. Follow More Updates On UptoBrain.com

Ripudaman singh Malik

Who Is Ripudaman Singh Malik?

This incident has also left his family to mourn his death and there has been a shock among the members of the family. His wife was also with him in Canada. He was a suspect in the mass killings that happened in the bombing in 1985. However, he was later acquitted of those charges as there was a lack of evidence. However, the mass killing had left a deeper mark, and those who had experienced it would still not be able to forget that day.

He passed away yesterday morning after he was shot in the neighborhood of Surrey-Newton. There are indications that suggest that the shooting would have been targeted murder, however, there is not enough evidence as of now to state anything conclusively. There have been many comments that are made about his death by the members of his family. However, there is not much information available to the public about his family and his wife. So, let’s get to know them a little.

Who is Ripudaman Singh Malik’s wife?

His wife has not been a part of the spotlight for much and there isn’t much talk about her as well. However, there are some people who want to know who his wife was. The name is not yet known to us, however, from what we have gathered from the sources his wife had been with him through the toughest of his times and has supported him to the bitter end.


Ripu had five children with her, and his family had been living in Canada. The couple also has four daughters-in-law and eight grandchildren. His family looked like it was a really full family and there would have been nothing more that they would have wanted. There is not much information on the family and we will share it with you as soon as we get it.


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