The war between Russia and Ukraine is not just a battle and it’s just an attack on Ukraine’s military but also an attack on the nation’s art, culture, civilians, and sports as well, where the nation is losing its beloved and talented stars. The death rates in Ukraine has been growing with each day and the country is also losing their celebrities in this war. Recently, Ukraine lost another icon Artem Datsishin. Yes, the principal dancer with the Nation Opera of Ukraine, Artem Datsishin sadly passed away at the age of 43. Keep reading to know more about this incident.

who was artem datsishin

According to the sources, the icon succumbed to injuries sustained from a firing by Russian forces in Kyiv on February 26. Later on March 3, biathlete and former Ukraine junior team representative Yevhen Maylshev was also killed in Kharkiv. After this, actress Pasha Lee also died as a result of shelling in Irpin. She was defending the city after enlisting in the army of Ukraine.

Who Was Artem Datsishin?

Not only this but another actress Oksana Shveta was killed after the Russian army attack in Kyiv. After the battle begins, the Russian army is also affecting the culture and heritage of Ukraine as the Russian’s indiscriminate bombing level has been reached in cities and towns

Artem Datsishin becoming the latest to lose his life. It is saddened to hear about the passing of the icon as he was not even a member of the Ukrainian military unlike, he was killed. A funeral of Artem Datsishin will be held on March 18 after three weeks when he was badly injured. Keep reading to know more.

According to Internet sources, Artem Datsishin was the principal dancer with the National Opera of Ukraine. He was 43-years-old at the time of his death and also honored with the Artist of Ukraine, a state title bestowed for outstanding achievement in the performing arts. In his entire career, he has toured in some popular countries like Europe, US, and performed in some well-known acts like Swan Lake, Sleeping Beauty, The Nutcracker, Romeo and Juliet, and Giselle.

Ukrainian Ballet Star Artem Datsishin Dies In Kyiv

Datsishin’s friend took Facebook to share this upsetting news and wrote,” On February 26, Artem was attacked by the Russians was seriously injured”. He was critically injured after shelling in Kyiv. He was injured on February 26. It is still unclear that when he died as his friend, Borovik told that he died in the hospital. He will be always remembered by his loved ones and family.


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