The Cape Verdean man, who is also known as a US Immigrant on vacation, Dixon Nunes died at the age of 30. According to the sources, Dixon took his last breath in Agostinho Neto Hospital where he took his last breath. It is disheartening to hear the sudden passing of the good man who was always available for others.

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According to the sources, he was on vacation in Praia Cape Verde when he was admitted to the Agostinho Neti Hospital. Some of the Internet pages are revealing that he was admitted to the hospital after he felt some distress in breathing because of drinking.

Was Dixon Nunes Poisoned At A Party?

Later, he was rushed to the hospital where the doctor pronounced him dead. According to the sources, he died near New Year 2022 when he was attending the New Year’s Eve party. People is believing that he was poisoned at the time of the party.

Dixon’s family did not release any kind of statement regarding the demise of Dixon Nunes. He was the beautiful and loving member of the family who has gone from this world too soon. After the incident took place, police began their investigation and tried to find out the main suspect.

Well, many things are circulating on the Internet regarding the sudden passing of Dixon Nunes and along with this, it is also surfing that he was poisoned at a New Year’s Eve party event in Praia, Cape Verde.

However, the cause of his death has not been confirmed yet. After drinking, he felt distressed at the time and was later, admitted to the nearby hospital for treatment. Unfortunately, he took his last breath after a few hours.

The investigation of his case is going on and police is trying to arrest the main suspect of this case. Every one of the party’s members has been interrogated.

Who Was Dixon Nunes?

Dixon Nunes was a 30-years-old guy and was a US Immigrant. The exact date of his birth has not been disclosed yet. Only his age was made public today. You can check his post as he was happy in his life and shared some moments of his life on Instagram.

He was always active on Instagram as @dixon_nunes. He has around 2112 followers on his Instagram account and just 7 posts. If we talk about his personal life so, he was a single person and had some relationships in past. He will be remembered by his family and friends.


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