Unfortunately, the managing director of Rotomac Group, Vikram Kothari has passed away in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh. The sudden death of the director has shocked many people all over the world and many people are praying for his resting soul. Let us also tell you the unfortunate incident that took place on Tuesday morning and many people are totally shocked to hear about this tragic loss.

vikram kothari passed away

As all of us know that he was a very big businessman who had launched Pan Masala and Rotomac Pen. Sadly, the businessman is not alive anymore among us and took his last breath at his residence in Tilak Nagar in Delhi.

Vikram Kothari Death Reason

There are many people who are paying tribute to him because he was a business icon for several newcomers who want to begin their business to this level. Vikram Kothari is a very reputed and prominent name in the field of business and many people follow him to get some informative content from him.

The news of his sudden death has shattered numerous people all over the country and everyone mourning his unfortunate demise. Let us tell you that his death has been reported by a servant first to his wife Sadhana and son Rahul who were in Lucknow.

When the servant visit his room, he was unconscious and the servant immediately called a doctor who declared him dead. The reason behind his unfortunate death is cardiac arrest. Yes, some official sources claimed that Vikram Kothari Cause Of Death is cardiac arrest who died on Tuesday morning.

How Did Vikram Kothari Die?

Kothari, the owner of Dum Pan Masala, initiated another company by launching Rotomac Pen in 1995. Let us also tell you that he was a very successful businessman who was involved in several businesses in which Pan Parag, Rotomac Pen, and import-export are included.

After the family split, he parted ways from Pan Paran in 1999. Let us also tell you that he was also received the award of Best Exporter by the Prime Minister. Over the 10 years (1995-2005) the value of his Rotomac company increased to Rs 100 crore.

There has been a wave of condolences messages and heartfelt tributes have arrived when the news of Vikram Kothari’s Death hit the internet. Several people remember him and several searching to learn some key values about Kothari. Along with it, his family members going through very heartbreaking pain.


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