The sad news of the hour comes in our knowledge. Tripura’s Pagli Moshi passes away on June 23, 2021. She was 115 years old and popular due to devolutional behavior. People respect her and believe in her life lessons. But we lost an experienced personality. the loss cannot be filled by anyone in the future. Here are the details about Who is she? and the famous things, believes in her. Many followers sharing tweets over her death and some are curious to know the death reason.

Pagli Moshi Death

She was very spiritual and the people of Tripura will always remember her personality. She took her last breath in her Ashram in Tripura. Suddenly few minutes after knowing about her death there was a huge number of devotees came to the place to give tribute to Pagli Moshi. Doctors declared her death on Wednesday at nearly 3 PM evening.

Pagli Moshi’s death cause has been found and it was reportedly appeared that she died due to her huge age and not capable internal body part. Normally at this age mostly humans unable to live life because of the failure of body organs and internal parts. In today’s era, nobody can live this longest age life.

Reportedly found that she was suffering from health issues and major problems for few days. Possibly the issue was happened due to her age of 115 years. The funeral will take place on Thursday due to some devolutional reasons. She has millions of followers, especially in Bangladesh and India. After the spread of her death news, there have been many people start sharing her pictures and spiritual lessons. At the end of this news, we hope God will give strength to her devotees who facing this difficult time. May her soul rest in peace.


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