On Wednesday, October 20, 2021, India lost one more brave soldier of our Indian Army, Karanveer Singh. He was one of the most fearless and braver soldiers of our Indian Army who lost his life while serving the nation. Karanveer Singh was martyred in an exchange of fire with terrorists in Kashmir’s Shopian. The whole Internet is mourning the demise of the brave soldier who was just not known for his bravery but he was a fearless and daredevils Army soldier from Madhya Pradesh.

karan veer singh passed away

The whole Singh family was waiting for the call of his son on Karanveer’s birthday from Kashmir who was posted in Kashmir’s Shopian but unfortunately, his father received a call from Kashmir where his son was posted almost 1,500 KM away.

Karanveer Singh Rajput Shaheed

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The Singh’s family was eagerly waiting to wish their son on his 23rd birthday but when Ravi Singh (Karanveer Singh’s Father) received a call wishing to speak to his son but instead of him, Karanveer Singh’s senior inform Ravi Singh about the killing of his son during the exchange of fire with terrorists, the whole family broke at the moment.

It was hardest to believe for them that their loving and brave son has gone from the world. Currently, the whole family is in trauma after learning about the demise of their son.

Karan Veer Singh Passed Away

Ravin Singh said,” Being an ex-army officer, I showed courage but my wife got unconscious at the moment. Karanveer Singh joined the army’s Rajput Regiment five years ago in 2017. My son was a brave man. He joined the Indian Army to serve the nation. Today, I am feeling proud of my son for playing an important role to eliminate the terrorists who were creating terror among people and has been killing innocent people”.

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In exchange for fire, Karanveer Singh and two terrorists were killed in Shopian’s Dragad. Those two terrorists were shot dead in firing near Kulgam district. According to the police, four were involved in the killing of migrant workers. Ravi Singh said that his wife got unconscious when they received a call from Karanveer’s senior. The whole family was waiting to wish him on his 23rd birthday. Ravi Singh’s wife is in a semi-conscious state. They can’t believe that they lost their son on the day when he was born.

The last rite of Karanveer Singh will take place on Friday after his body is expected to arrive in his village. Many people are paying tribute to the fearless soldier of the Indian Army who lost his life. UpToBrain salutes those soldiers who are serving the nation.


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