It is saddened to hear about one more popular celebrity who belongs to Rajasthan and is known for his comedy nature and the popular director of Youtube’s channel Rajasthani Masti, Kalu Beti has passed away at the age of 21 on Tuesday, October 5, 2021. According to the sources, the cause of his death has not been confirmed yet. Along with this, the family members of Kalu Beti did not share any kind of details regarding his death.

Ashish Saini kalu beti

His family and friends are in deep shock after hearing this news. Some of the rumors are claiming that his family found him dead on his bed in the early morning of Tuesday.

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Ashish Saini kalu Beti Passed Away

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Many videos are surfing on Youtube which is claiming the death of Kalu Beti. Let us tell you that he was also known by his real name, Ashish Saini. His fans are paying tribute and sharing this news with his fans through social media. Some of the videos are also revealing that his enemies gave him poison in the night and in the morning, Kalu Beti found it in this condition.

Many fans are condolence on his death and sharing this upsetting news with everyone on social media. For his fans, his death was shocking and also revealing some rumors on the Internet.

A youtube video is also revealing that after knowing his condition, he was taken to the hospital as he was suffering the pain of poison and after reaching the hospital, he died within an hour. On the other side, some are claiming that he has been suffering from illness for the last few days, and due to which, he died in the early morning of Tuesday. Many people are searching for the cause of his death and also want to know that who is Ashish Saini aka Kalu Beti.

Who Was Ashish Saini (Kalu Beti)?

Ashish Saini who is popular by his other name Kalu Beti is no more alive. He was known for his comedy nature and his mother tongue language, Rajasthani. Because of his traditional way of talking, he became famous in Rajasthani and various states of the country and gained a huge fan following.

He was a popular celebrity on Youtube and running his own Youtube channel named “Rajasthan Masti”. The duo of Ladya Thekedar and Kalu Beti was too popular in the state. The role of Ladya Thekedar was always played by his friend, Sudeep Chowdhury.

Some of the rumors are surfing on social media that he went for dinner at his friend’s house last night. After that, he was facing some problems, either he ate something that affected his body was reversed or it seems that someone gave him poison in his food. It is believing that his someone closest was not happy with him therefore, they gave poison to Ashish.

The doctor also confirmed that poison has been found in his body. Currently, the whole family is shocked and suffering from this difficult time.


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