EuroLeague Women are known for introducing some basketball matches and once again, the league is coming to prove itself that no one forgot them and due to this, they are coming with another match tonight.


It will be fantastic to watch this match where team TTT Riga Women (RIG-W) and team KSC Szekszard Women (KSS-W) will face off each other on the basketball coat. Here are lots of matches to watch the amazing matches but this league is known for the best matches that ever had. Keep reading to know more updates of the match.

RIG-W vs KSS-W Live Score 

In this upcoming match, the fans will get to see two excellent teams of the league who has already played lots of matches and once again, they are coming back with this match. If you want to watch this match so, you can visit the arena but before that, you need to buy the tickets of the matches which is available on the official website of the league.

Jasmine Thomas, Daugile Sarauskaite, Nikolina Milic, Cyesha Goree, Laura Meldere, and Reka Manyoky are the best player for tonight’s match. You can add them your Dream11 team to win this match.

RIG-W vs KSS-W: Match Details

  • Team Names:- TTT Riga Women (RIG-W) vs KSC Szekszard Women (KSS-W)
  • League:- EuroLeague Women
  • Venue:- Daugavas Sporta nams (Riga)
  • Date:- Wednesday, February 23, 2022
  • Time:- 11:30 PM IST

RIG-W vs KSS-W: Team Squad

TTT Riga Women (RIG-W):- Vanesa Jasa, Luize Sila, Nicolette Rose Gilday, Raina Tomasicka, Liva Krumina, Ieva Korzane, Aija Klakocka, Jasmine- Thomas, Ieva Pulvere, Dinija Pavelsone, Gunta Basko, Daugile Sarauskaite, Laura Meldere, and Chantelle Handy.

KSC Szekszard Women (KSS-W):- Reka Balint, Dana Evans, Rebeka Holcz, Greta Szucs, Kolby Morgan, Dora Horvath, Melinda Miklos, Reka Manyoky, Sara Krnjic, Cyesha Goree, Nikolina Milic, Livia Gereben, Anamaria Pop, Agnes Studer, and Zala Friskovec.

RIG-W vs KSS-W: Lineups Player

TTT Riga Women (RIG-W):- Daugile Sarauskaite, Laura Meldere, Dinija Pavelsone, Chantelle Handy, Vanesa Jasa, Gunta Basko, Jasmine- Thomas, and Ieva Pulvere.

KSC Szekszard Women (KSS-W):- Cyesha Goree, Nikolina Milic, Melinda Miklos, Reka Manyoky, Reka Balint, Agnes Studer, Zala Friskovec, and Sara Krnjic.

RIG-W vs KSS-W: Match Prediction

Here are 8 teams in Group A and the competition is too tough to win. According to the sources, team RIG is at the 6th spot with 5 won and 8 lost out of 13 matches. On the other side, team KSS-W is at the 8th spot with all lost matches. It can be easily seen that team RIG-W has more chances to win this match tonight.


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