Another saddest news has been broken out on the internet that a famous comedian and ‘Shameless’ actor Ricarlo Flanagan has died. He was just 40 years old ad best recognized for his outstanding stint in Last Comic Standing Season 9. Let us also tell you that he has emerged as a finalist this season. His sudden death already broke many people all around the world.

How did Ricarlo Flanagan die

He has actually a very huge fan following and now his fans are mourning his sudden demise. The news has been confirmed by his agent Stu Golfman and then many people start paying tribute to the comedian.

Ricarlo Flanagan Death Reason

Talking about the statement shared by Stu Golfman then wrote “Ricarlo was one of the nicest people I have ever met in my life and a joy to work for. He will be missed dearly”. Now, everyone knows that he was a very famous comedian and actor who participate in Last Comic Standing in 2015 and ends the journey as the finalist.

Before participating in this show, he already made his debut in a comedy album named “Man Law”. He also had recurring roles as Davey in the hit Showtime show “Shameless” as well as “Walk the Prank” on Disney+.

Along with it, Flanagan also tried to make his career as a rapper and he also used his stage name as Father Flanagan. After that, his fourth album named “Both Sides of The Brain” has been released recently. He gained lots of popularity because of his talent. Now, his tragic death already broke his entire family and close friends.

How Did Ricarlo Flanagan Die?

His followers and fans also sharing lots of emotional and heartfelt messages after hearing about this heartbreaking loss. The family has created a GoFundMe page where they aimed to collect funeral expenses. Let us also tell you that they already cross the initial goal of $10,000 over a night.

Talking about the main cause of his death then an official statement did not describe the main cause. It is speculating that he died from COVID-19 complications. We assume the main cause of his death is COVID-19 because the comedian shared about his diagnosis earlier in October 2021.

When he was diagnosed with the disease, he criticized NBA star Kyrie Irving for refusal to get the COVID jab. Now, the comedian and actor have passed away and many people mourning his sudden demise. So, Ricarlo Flanagan is no more alive and everyone is upset to hear about this tragic loss.


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