Another shocking news stated that a longtime producer of “Today” show Ric Romo has died on 28th June 2021. The show officially confirmed the demise of the producer and pay a soulful tribute to him through the show. The celebrity who produced the Today show was a West coast news producer and producing the show for over 30 years. The confirmed statement that shows the cause of death has not revealed yet. If we talk about the reports then the reports claimed that Romo was admitted to the hospital and his family taking care of him. The celebrity was very famous because of his work.

Ric Romo

Now, a huge number of people and fans are upset after hearing this heartbreaking news. Ric Romo joined NBC in 1979 and he never leaves the job until his death. Not only this, he was among the highest-paid producers in the industry of media.

From the beginning of the year 2021, the entire world witness many demises of several actors and actresses. Now, it is one more brilliant and reputed star who lost his life in this terrific year. Many people very upset after hearing the heart-wrenching news of the demise of one of the most prominent producers of the media industry.

If we talk about his work and career then he covered many famous stories including OJ Simpson in 1995. Not only this, but he also covered several red carpet events and West Coast earthquakes. His colleagues and close ones mourning over his demise and they suffer from a very terrific time. Many people sharing his throwback pictures on social media to remember the moment that they lived with a lively personality. Now, many people mourning his demise and suffering from a very dreaded time and loss of the media industry. One of the Colleagues of Ric Romo said “the most-loved person in the newsroom”.

The host of the show “Today” Carson Daly said “He was a great storyteller. He was incredibly funny. Ric knew everybody on the NBC lot, they knew him, he knew the security guards and all the way up to Johnny Carson himself. He brought a smile to everybody’s face, literally just when Ric walked in the door”.

The name of the wife of Ric Romo is Carol and the couple married in 1981. All the people who know the celebrity are mourning over his demise and regularly sharing many pictures on social media platforms to pay emotional and soulful tribute to the celebrity.


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