The craze of the new bikes is very high and all the people are love to buy the new and upgraded version of bikes. This Thursday, Dio Motorscooter was officially unveiled and many people in India love the model and specifications of the model. The new Dio Repsol Honda Edition is released on Thursday in India and all the price range and specifications are very compatible. The Hornet 2.0 Repsol Honda Edition will come to make all the fans more excited about the new bike experience. The Hornet gear up its racing genetics by introducing the new Repsol Edition. Both the products of Hornet is very amazing and many people are waiting to buy the new products of the company.

Repsol Honda Hornet 2.0 is here - Adrenaline Culture of Motorcycle and Speed

Hornet 2.0 Comes With A Genuine Design and Graphics

Hornet 2.0 and Dio comes with a very genuine edition of racing named Repsol Honda Edition. The look of the new model is designed by the official and talented team that gives an amazing addition of orange wheel rims with its graphics and design. Repsol Honda is the new model that easily attracts youngsters to buy the bike and all the young boys are want to buy the new models of bike. The company goes forward and launches its new product to highlight the racing DNA of the company. It will be a very high and tough competition to other companies in the Indian Market.

The new model of bike powered by a 110cc PGM-FI HET engine with Enhanced Smart Power (ESP). The specifications of Repsol Honda containing Telescopic Suspension, Engine Star/Stop Switch, integrated Dual Function Switch, External Fuel Lid, Passing Switch, and Side Stand Indicator with Engine Cut-off. All the specifications of Repsol Honda are amazing and the price of the model is expected to Rs. 69,757. If you want to buy the new model then you can very easily afford.

President Of Honda Said About The Company

The Managing Director, President, and CEO Atsushi Ogata said that “Racing holds a special place in the history of Honda. We are delighted to unveil the Repsol Honda editions of Hornet 2.0 and Dio for racing enthusiasts in India”. The speed capability of the new version of Hornet is very amazing and all the people are loving the design and the theme of the Repsol Honda. The Hornet 2.0 is coming to give a very genuine and upgraded experience of the ride.


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