WATCH: Rep. Lee Zeldin Viral Video, Attacked at New York Event goes viral: Today we bring you the news that is related to the representative of the Republican Gubernational, Lee Zeldin. He is being in the spotlight recently as the incident on Friday where he was on a campaign trail and then he suddenly fell into the target of a flat earther. It was only a day after he had escaped the attack from an Army veteran. However, the incident would feel really funny after you hear the statement in which he started accusing NASA of lying to us and went on to say that they are using CGI animation and that no one is even aware of it. Follow More Updates On

Lee Zeldin Video

Rep. Lee Zeldin Viral Video

In the recent turn of events, the man named Lee Zeldin made a bold claim saying that Earth is flat and the blue marble that everybody thought was the Earth was just a graphic created by a computer. A man had identified himself as an Army veteran of the US Navy and he had confronted Lee at a press conference that was happening in Wartown in the North Country.

Lee had stated

“So personally, I strongly disagree. I believe that the Earth is round. And I’ve traveled the Earth. I’ve seen it from the sky as you’re traveling on a flight abroad, the Earth is clearly round. I mean it’s 100% indisputable”

‘Earth is flat’ theory for the first time

The earth is flat theory was first given by Copernicus, many centuries ago. Although it had been broken down by the advancement in science and technology. That theory had been brought up by the congressman from the North Island in these times of advanced technology and science.

Lee Zeldin attacked with a knife

The exchange that happened in Watertown had come only after half a day of him being attacked by a man that was carrying a knife. It all happened at an event in Rochester. The knife-carrying man had approached him and said that he was done after the attacked unarmed Lee. But, the assailant was subdued and arrested and was released quickly as well which led to an outrage.

Lee had been in a contest with Democratic Gov. Kathy Hochul, however, she had condemned the attack after she heard the news of the attack that happened in November. But, the attack this time was not as serious as the previous one. There is much evidence to support that our planet earth is round in shape, though, the statement of the congressman started a controversy that has been spreading very quickly in the modern world.

There have been many celebrities that have been supporting the false fact, for now, that earth is flat. This has been proven and is an accepted fact the planet earth is spherical in shape, though, if someone disagrees with this view should be allowed to prove his point with scientific and logical theories and facts. Since we are living in the modern world of science nothing should be disapproved until it is disproved.


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