Religious Group Arrested: Why was 12 religious group members arrested?: A horrible incident happened in Queensland with a seven-year-old Elizabeth Struhs in which her parents were involved. Twelve people were arrested in this case. She died on 7th July 2022 as she was a patient of Diabetic Type 1. When Police found out the culprits they also got amazed and said that because of false beliefs they lose her. People are shocked after knowing the whole story of this news. So if too are here to know what happened with this young girl in which her parents were included. If you are here to know more about this you are in the right place. Follow More Updates On


Who Was Elizabeth Struhs?

She was a young girl who died at the age of seven because of a false belief and her parents were also involved in that murder. She lived in Queensland, Australia with her family. Her family joined a group that believed in God and her daughter was suffering from diabetic type 1 disease they didn’t give her the medication and said that they believed that God will save her. Her sister’s name was Jayde Struth who recently gave an interview and said that this group called themselves The Saints.

What Happened To Elizabeth?

As she was suffering from diabetic type 1 and her parents didn’t give her the basic necessary things to her in the belief that God will save her. Police after an investigation found 12 people aged from 19 to 64. The group was also aware of her disease and none of them seek help. Her parents Kerrie & Jason are members of a religious group in the city of Toowoomba which doesn’t associate with any church or religion. The twelve people are arrested and their hearing will be in late July.

Religious Group Arrested

The officers who investigated this case were shocked after came to know the culprit’s name. Garry Watts the detective said the police got surprised and said in his 40 years he didn’t see this type of case and her sister Jayde said that she is heartbroken & shattered that her entire family had been left and now she is all alone. She also said that she faced a brutal reality in which who should save her killed her. Her parents were part of that religious group ‘fear-driven & controlling’ religion in a belief in wrong things. People should not believe in this nonsense created by such types of people in a name of God. Stay connected with us for more latest updates.


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