Manifest Season 2 has already headed for its season finale. But, it doesn’t seem that the show has a perfect ending. There are several questions wandering around the fans mind about the show, one being, is there a season 3. Well, the short answer is yes, there will be a renewal of the Manifest but when, it’s still a mystery. Though no official news has been given by the makers, several actors in the show gave a hint about it.

Though certain things were covered up like Zeke’s death date and his marriage to Michaela, there still are way more things to be disclosed like the government conspiracy led by the Major and from where the callings come from. Fans will definitely look forward to the answers. Manifest is by far successful in receiving good response across the globe by fans and critics, so a third season is very possible. However, season 2 saw almost exactly half that across the board. Be that as it may, the show saw a slight upswing towards the finish of its present run, really picking up watchers in its subsequent half. So, the excitement for Season 3 is expected.

The season two ended where Zeke was revealed to have survived the injury, whereas Ben and Michaela believe they can prevent impending death dates. Just when the episode was about to end, Ben gets another calling of Flight 828 exploding and sees the plane burn in the air and fall into the ocean. The plane tail was exactly the same as the aircrafts from the series pilot. And, to our shock, Saanvi murdered the Major.

Manifest - Season 3

Talking to the Entertainment Weekly, show maker Jeff Rake expressed that the psychological effects of Saanvi’s actions can be a focal point of the third series. The Major and Saanvi will make a rebound in the primary scenes. Cal may be in peril in view of the meth vendors on the loose. While Zeke is confronting his passing alone with the last calling. These happenings point to it in season 3. However, the show’s producers by no means planned Season 3.

Manifest which is an American supernatural drama series, stars Melissa Roxburgh, Josh Dallas, Athena Karkanis, J.R Ramirez, Luna Blaise, Parveen Kaur and Matt Long in the lead roles. The second series ended on Monday, April 7 on NBC. For future news and updates of the show regarding the upcoming updates or even the release date of the new season, stay connected!


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