It’s been 5 years since the show ‘I Am Jazz’ took the rolling on TLC. Dating back to July 15, 2015, the show initially rolled by the name ‘All That Jazz’ as an American reality television series. The show is focused on a transgender girl named Jazz Jennings. Although born male, Jazz chose to change her identity and has been living as a girl since her kindergarten days. The show traces her day by day life happenings that incorporates her family too. What’s more, how she needs to manage the high schooler dramatization during her childhood, considering society has a different perception for trans individuals.

Though the journey for her has never been easier. At age 4, Jazz was diagnosed with gender dysphoria. Her parents Jeanette and Greg were very supportive of her but struggled for years to find a doctor that could treat their daughter, while fighting the discrimination and misconceptions associated with what it means to be transgender. But, when Jazz is 14, she is on the very edge of the greatest test of her life, the high school that is the point at which the show began.

I Am Jazz Season 7

And uptil at season 6, we see Jazz as she experiences her third sexual orientation affirmation strategy while getting the help of her ex Ahmir. Another colossal occasion displayed right now Jazz arranging a gathering pledges action to help her companion Noelle fund-raise for her own gender affirmation surgery. Finally, Jazz needs to pick between her college choices, subsequent to being chosen both for Harvard and Pomona College.

However, these 6 seasons were not sufficient for the fans, they want to see more. More of Jazz and her life. So, When does I Am Jazz return for next season? The series has huge potential to have another season. Hence, we expect news of a renewal in the upcoming months. Since it’s a reality series, the story is obvious and goes through her life.

Jazz came to limelight in 2007, when at age 6, she was interviewed by Barbara Walters to discuss her gender identity. The show was very popular among the audience, they could connect with her struggles and feelings she was going through. I Am Jazz also managed to sweep the best Outstanding Reality Program at the 27th annual GLAAD Media Awards. ‘I Am Jazz’ Season 6 last aired on January 28, 2020, on TLC. By airing for eight episodes, it at last ended on March 17, 2020. For more details on the show, stay tuned here.


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