One of the growing and leading platforms, ULLU is not stopping to release some of the best web series on the platform and for the last few weeks, the platform has been entertaining the audience with some loving and bold web series for the fans.

Relationship Counsellor Ullu Episode Review

On November 25, the makers also released the trailer of their upcoming web series, Fantasy Call | Hotspot” and now, the web series will release on November 30, 2021, for all the watchers. Along with this, there is another happy news for all the watchers who are waiting to watch the next bold content web series from the platform.

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Relationship Counsellor Ullu Web Series

Recently, the platform captured the attention of the viewers after releasing another trailer of the new upcoming web series. The name of the upcoming web series is “Relationship Counsellor”. The trailer was released on November 28, and when the trailer was released on Youtuber, it gained huge attention of the fans.

During writing this article, we can see that the trailer has already crossed 13K views within an hour, and along with this, the trailer has been shared on social media platforms to gain more attention. So, let’s check out some important information regarding to the upcoming episode including its release date, platform, storyline, and cast.

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Relationship Counsellor Ullu Episode Review

The upcoming web series has an interesting story where a girl is in trouble by the fantasies of her husband and because of this, she goes to her friend’s house to meet and get some advice over this. The girl’s friend’s husband falls in love with his wife’s friend and is ready to come into a physical relationship with her.

Between them, a new relationship is formed and on the other side, the girl’s friend visit his friend’s home to meet her husband but unfortunately, the tragedy takes a new turn and they also formed a new relationship. So, what will happen next?

Relationship Counsellor ULLU’s Web Series: Cast

In the upcoming web series, it seems that all the characters are new and they never appeared in any other web series of the platform. They are working together first time on the screen and their name has not been revealed yet. Maybe, the announcement of their names will be made in a few days before official streaming so, whenever, the name will be shared, we will inform through our articles.

Relationship Counsellor ULLU’s Web Series: Release Date

With the trailer, the makers also revealed the release date of the web series, and all the watchers can stream the upcoming web series “Relationship Counsellor” on December 3, 2021, only on the ULLU streaming platform.

Those who haven’t purchased the subscription package of the platform can’t watch the web series so, they will need to buy the subscription to watch the upcoming episode.


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