In September 2021, a video officer of the Madison Police Department leaked on social media which created a huge controversy on the Internet and after that, the netizens started to share the video on social media. According to the sources, the officer is known as Reginald Patterson who is the Madison Police Lieutenant and accused of engaging in a possible sexual activity in his squad vehicle during the daytime.

reginald patterson video leaked

The video was recorded by an unknown identity and later posted on social media. The vehicle was parked in a Wisconsin Farm & Fleet parking lot. The video was recorded and uploaded on the Internet.

Reginald Patterson Leaked Video

In the video, there is somewhat graphic and contains abusive or disturbing language. Later, the vehicle was identified and Madison police Lieutenant Reginald Patterson suspected. He is also known as Reggie Patterson.

According to recent sources, Reginald Patterson resigned on Wednesday. The investigation found that the Lieutenant violated the policies of multiple departments in the incident of September 16, 2021, said Sean Barnes, Police Chief in a statement.

As per the spokesperson Stephanie Fryer of the Police Department, the investigation was completed on Monday and Barnes was preparing the dismissal of Patterson from the City Police and the Fire Commission.

Madison Police Reginald Patterson Video Goes Viral

While the Dane County Sheriff’s Office did not find any kind of criminal activity in the parking lot of the 2202 Stoughton Road Store. Barnes also stated that the woman who was involved in this case was not a prostitute.

When the video leaked online, Madison Police began the investigation and found the police officer in the video. The video has been removed from the video because there are many expletive and unproven allegations.

In October, Marcel Scott who recorded the video said that he saw legal appearing on the back glass of the police car in the parking lot. He said that everyone can see images of two bodies in the car.

In the video, it can be also seen that the back left door opened and someone left the car but still, there was someone inside the car who did not come out and ran away from there with the car. He also described the officer as bald, black male, a little bit older, and a moustache.

When the video went viral on social media, many netizens started to abuse the department and put several allegations. On September 26, 2021, police was made aware about the video circulating on social media which appear to show a MPD officer engaged in a sexual activity with unidentified person in a car.


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