All the astronauts and sky gazers are excitedly waiting to watch the year’s first total lunar eclipse of the year 2022, which is also known as a “Supermoon”, “Blood Moon”, or “Flower Moon”. According to the official reports, the supermoon will take place on May 15 – 16, 2022 intervening night. While the sources say that the moon will appear in the reflected red and orange hues of Earth’s sunsets and sunrises for about 1 to 1.5 hours, which is called one of the longest totalities of the decade. Well, it will be the first of the two so-called blood moons of the year.

red moon

As per the reports and sources, the supermoon will not be visible in India, but skywatchers in the eastern half of North America and all of Central and South America will have an amazing time and place to watch the long-hour show to watch the lunar eclipse of the year, weather permitting. Along with this, the lunar eclipse or red moon will also be visible across some more countries such as Africa, Europe, and the Middle East. However, Asia and Australia will be left out this time.

Will It be Visible In India?

The official Twitter page of NASA Moon tweeted,” May’s full moon will pass into Earth’s shadow, turning a coppery red for those in the viewing area. Here’s everything you need to know about the May 15-16 lunar eclipse”. This eclipse occur when the Earth’s show fall on the moon and it appears red. As of result, the sunlight will reflect onto the moon’s surface after filtering through the Earth’s atmosphere, the moon will reflect all other colors, retaining only red due to its wavelength.

While the sources also confirmed that the lunar eclipse will begin at 07:58 AM on Monday and will be effected till 11:35 AM. While the red moon will remain on its peak at 09:41 AM. If we talk about the second lunar eclipse so, it will be held on November 8, 2022, and will be visible from Australia, Asia, North America, and some parts of eastern and northern Europe, most of South America and the Artic as well. Then, the next one isn’t until 2015.

Where to Watch ‘Super Flower Blood Moon’

Well, the length of each of these eclipses is almost identical which is about 1 hour 24 minutes 50 seconds in May and 1 hour 24 minutes 54 seconds in November 2022.


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