Running after Work from Morning to Evening every day keeps us highly occupied with lots of responsibilities. Most of the people who are working in corporate Sectors tend to sit for a comparatively longer period of Time than the ones working in other Sectors. As per the article published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, the University of Sydney-led collaboration with the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences, Norwegian Institute of Public Health and the UK’s Loughborough University, the Consequences of sitting for a consecutive long Time in a day routine which doesn’t include regular exercise are highly negative.

According to a study discovered on in Sydney, Physical activity is particularly important for People who sit a lot. The study revealed that a Work-out of only 20 minutes a day can help in minimizing the effects of continuous sitting postures at work.

“In our study, sitting time was associated consistently with both overall premature mortality and cardiovascular disease mortality in the least physically active groups. Those, who are doing at least 150 minutes of intense physical activity per week or 20 to 40 minutes of physical activity is sufficient to see better results. One does not necessary need to take out one hour per day to get everything in shape,” said Stamatakis.

According to him, any physical activity, whether indoor or outdoor, every day is required to
keep the body intact and bring out positive outcomes for long life. He considers the study
shown to be helpful in bringing positive changes to the stagnant lifestyles of working people who are not able to find out time for any exercise or similar physical activity, keeping in mind the long-run effects of such routines.


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