Realme Wireless Buds And Power Bank Launch With Realme XT Tomorrow in India

The wait is over now! Finally, Realme Xt will launch in India Tomorrow, September 13 along with Realme wireless earphones and Realme Power bank.

real me XT, Real Me XT Price

Realme will launch its Realme XT tomorrow, September 13. Not only the Smartphone, but it will also launch a new 10,000mAH Realme Power Bank that was revealed by Madhav Seth in China. According to social media, it is also revealed that Realme will also launch its wireless earphones on the same day.

Realme XT: Realme is going to launch its first-ever mobile phone with a 64MP camera. It will official tomorrow on Amazon and Realme official website. The mobile has quad-camera-  64MP + 8MP + 2MP + 2MP. The battery of 4,000mAh with the fast charger at a price of Rs.20,000.

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Realme Buds: Realme launches its first brand new wireless earphones in India. According to the sources, these wireless earphones will available in India tomorrow at a special price of Rs.2,000 on the Amazon and Realme official website. It is also said that Norwegian DJ Alan Walker tunes these earphones. These Buds will compete Xiomi’s Mi Neckband Bluetooth that costs Rs.1,599. Beautiful in yellow golden shade wire rubber neckband on either side to match the brand color.

These buds are very classy and jazzy. They look very stylish and available at an affordable price of Rs.2,000. It will give you wonderful experience of music.

Realmi Power Bank: Realme is also going to launch its power bank of 10,000mAH in India along with Realme XT. These new products will launch tomorrow in India on Amazon and its official website. The power bank will available in three colors- Balck, Red, and Yellow. It Includes two way fast charging at 18W and a USB port. This power bank will costs you Rs.1,000. 10,000mAH power bank at an affordable price with fast charging will give endless streaming on your mobile phones.

Tomorrow’s Launch:

  • Tomorrow at 12 pm on Amazon.
  • Realme XT at a price of Rs.20,000.
  • Realme Buds at a price of Rs. 2000.
  • Realme Power bank at a price of Rs.1000

These are the assumed price of the products. We will know the exact figures after the launch tomorrow.



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