Realme is one of the well-known brands in technology products. The brand is popular for its marvelous products such as 4K TV, Speakers, Smartphones and other useful technology products which plays important role in our life. This time company planned to launch its first-ever portable speakers in India.

realme speaker

There are two types of speakers Cobble and Pocket Bluetooth speakers. Realme called it Cobble Bluetooth Speaker and the Pocket Bluetooth Speaker. Every customer just wants to see the first look and enjoy the sound of this portable speaker by Realme.

So far, the sounder bars from Realme is one of the successful products from the company. But it will be interesting to see how much success will portable speaker ‘Cobble Bluetooth Speaker’ get. In the starting sale, the speaker will be launch in Malaysia and it will later launch in India. Currently Indian market is the second primary market for this ‘Cobble Bluetooth Speaker’.

For this product, the company claims that this speaker will be known for its extra bass and extra power to play it anytime, anywhere. Simply you can enjoy the sound of this Realme Portable speaker when you want to enjoy or feel a party mood. Both the Cobble and Pocket Bluetooth speakers are a part of the Realme TechLife ecosystem, which is a line of non-mobile products by the company.

The company Realme has entered the sound sector when it launched the soundbar along with the 55 Inch 4K tv last year. Simply the product is a rival of Xiami who have also a same category of products in the market and impressive quality at affordable prices.

Talking about the price of these two beast. Then we want to tell you that Realme Cobble Bluetooth Speaker will be available soon at the Price of Rs 1,799 which is absolutely affordable if the quality is best then it may get a huge response in the market. But it will be available at Rs 1,499 initially.

While on the other side, Realme’s Pocket Bluetooth Speaker will be available at the price of Rs 1,099 and initially, it will available at Rs 999. The launch date is yet to come and it will be updated here when we get official details about it.


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