The smartphone is a very common and important thing nowadays. But, not every smartphone is giving a very genuine specification as per the price. In India, Realme is the only company that coming to the top in the value of amounts. If you want to buy a smartphone at a very decent price that comes with more perfect specifications. Recently Realme 7i launched and many people are giving lots of reviews about the smartphone. Realme 7i Reviews are mixed and giving lots of ideas and opinions about the smartphone. Many people said that Realme 6i is better than Realme 7i. First, the ‘i’ series of the smartphone is coming to give all the top-level specifications at a very affordable price range.

Realme 7i Reviews But Not Good Than Realme 6i

Specifications Of The Realme 7i and Realme 6i

All the specifications are very best but Realme 7i is not better than Realme 6i. The specifications are a little better than at some points and at some points, it is lower than Realme 7i. Realme 7i has a 64MP main camera while 6i has a 48MP main sensor. It has a Snapdragon 662 processor, on the other hand, Realme 6i has a MediaTek Helio G90T. Finally, a change in battery capacity, which is 5000mAh on the 7i while 4300mAh on the 6i. But Realme 7i has only 4GB RAM while 6i has 6GB base RAM.

The reviews given by people are mixed in which many people like the smartphone but many people dislike it. The price of both smartphones is not a too big difference, there is just a difference of Rs.1000. The picking session of one between both is quite difficult because both the smartphones are very best and loved by many people. Both the smartphone are very creative in the look and attracts every person towards its creation and design. Realme 7i has a very genuine look and after seeing the design of the smartphone you will either buy this phone or loved its design.

Realme 6i Is Better Than Realme 7i

The weight of the smartphone is not too much and very low weighted. If you want to buy the phone then you just need to know about the specifications and then compare both. Lots of reviews are supporting Realme 6i because it is giving many genuine and perfect specifications at a very affordable price. All the buyers are happy with the products and the specification but if you mind the price also then Realme 6i is better than Realme 7i. Both the smartphone are giving almost the same features at almost the same price.


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