Netizens are following a name for the last few days after they got to know that a video went viral on social media and people are getting curious to know what is actually about? Many fans are expecting that some inappropriate video is trending on social media but people must be wrong about it. According to the sources, a video of an animal attack has grabbed the attention of all the netizens around the world. Let us tell you to provide all the clearance of the video. A man was attacked or mauled by a wild animal called a tiger.

Rasha Bseis Video Goes Viral on Twitter and Reddit

Along with this, the video is circulating on the social media handles and the video is being searched as Rasha Bseis Video Man Gets Mauled By Tigers. As per the NPR post on Twitter, they are rumoring that the man died at the accident scene. Well, the post also reads that The Tiger was 8-years-old. Now, people are searching for the video and want to watch it before it will remove from all the platforms. Many people want to know what actually happened and what was the cause of the person’s dies? Did he die at the spot? Did he die at the hospital? Did Tiger attack him?

Rashe Bseis Video Goes Viral On Twitter

The video of the attack has been leaked on social media and people are getting curious to watch the video before it is removed. Well, many have already watched it and left their reaction to it which is excitedly grabbing the more attention on the Internet. People want to know what happened on the spot? How did the man die? Well, we will try to share each and everything about this incident.

According to the sources, a video of the Naples Zoo went viral on social media when an unknown man went close to the Tiger to take a picture with the wild animal and unfortunately, the animal attacked on him and killed him at the spot.

Rasha Bseis Leaked Video

Many tiger incidents have already taken place on the Internet but still, many people didn’t aware of these attacks and avoid it. But, we should always maintain a distance from these wild animals as they can attack anytime. Many video of these animal attacks have already gone viral and now, the another attack has grabbed the attention of the people.


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