Sabrina Peterson has posted the screenshots on the Instagram story of direct messages from over two–dozen alleged victims. T.I and his wife, Tiny, has opposed the claims of sexual assault and ease to sexual abuse. She claims that T.I and his wife forced them to take drugs, take off their clothes, and to include in sexual activities with others. Some people also said that they were unconscious when they were with T.I and Tiny, and they wake up in the morning without remembering about last night.

Rapper TI_Tiny
Rapper TI_Tiny

Peterson also posted the allegation that T.I has pointed a gun at her. T.I denied these allegations and will take serious actions against them. Tiny has replied to her on Instagram that “Stop Harassing My Family”. Peterson also replied to Tiny on Instagram, “Let’s take a lie detector test”. Pharrell Williams has received this title by showing his skills in the American music industry. He has labeled as T.I by possessing his talent and qualities. A local has confirmed that he has been singing while he was nine years old.

His first album that he signed at the age of 19 was Arista Records subsidiary LaFace Records. His nickname was Tip, so he shortens it to T.I. His debut album was, “I Am Serious” which released in 2001. The album acquired a place in the top 30 Billboard Top R&B Hip-Hop Chart. Thereafter he’s decided to establish his own company. He launched A CD of “In Da Streets” which sold out about 20,000 copies. He attracts many music recording companies after this. He was in partnership with Atlantic Records and released his new album “Trap Muzik” in 2003.

He also decided to collaborate with other hip-hop artists such as Lil Wayne, Mannie Fresh, and B.G. His most successful album “Urban Legend” launched in 2004. He secured the 7th rank on Top Billboard R&B within a week. It became the fastest-selling album in the history of the U.S.He nominated for the  Grammy for Best Rap Solo Performance for” U Don’t Know Me” in 2006. Then he launched an album about his life called “King”. It hits number one on the US Billboard 200 chart by selling over 521,200 copies in the first week of launch in the U.S.

The Forbes Magazine announced their first Hip-Hop list in 2007, T.I entered this list three times. T.I launched his fifth studio album which was “T.I” vs “T.I.S”. He then arrested in the case of Tabacco, ATF, Alcohol, and for possessing illegal guns. He got bail after posting $2 million in the cash bond. He was not allowed to leave the country. Only his girlfriend was allowed to live with him in his residence. Stay connected to know more about this article.



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