Like many other leagues, the French Star League which is known for introducing some of the best handball matches is coming with one more match of the league tonight. Handball lovers are always eagers to watch these kinds of wonderful matches on their screens and now, the league will introduce one more match tonight. This match will take place under the French Star League.

RAP vs CHT Live Score

Tonight, we will get to see team Saint Raphael (RAP) and team Chartres (CHT) will face off each other on the handball court. If you want to really watch this match on the handball court so, you will have to wait for the match because it will take some time to begin.

RAP vs CHT Live Score

In this article, we will share all the details regarding the match including time, date, venue, league, lineups players, and many more things. It will be amazing to watch this match on the handball court. The tickets of the match are available on the official website of the teams and also, you can watch this match on the online streaming platform.

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It is still unclear that where we can watch this match but if you really want to watch this so, you should visit the official website to purchase the tickets, and then, watchers can watch the live match on the handball court. Here are some important details.

RAP vs CHT: Match Details

  • Team Names:- Saint Raphael (RAP) vs Chartres (CHT)
  • League:- French Star League
  • Venue:- Palais Des Sports Jean-Francois Krakowski
  • Date:- Friday, October 22, 2021
  • Time:- 11:30 PM IST

RAP vs CHT: Team Squad

Saint Raphael (RAP):- Alexandre Demaille, Johannes Marescot, Raphael Caucheteux, Fahrudin Melic, Antoine-xavier Armani, Sean Decroix, Adrien Dipanda, Marc-anto Aillaud, Alexandru Simicu, Simon Bigard, Nicolas Lubrano, Vadim Gayduchenko, Xavier Barachet, Mihai Popescu, Arthur Vigneron, Timmy Petit, Mihailo Vojinovic, Martial Cais, Jonathan Mapu, Tom Omnes, Aleksa Kolakovic, Maxime Richeton, Mathis Goupillon, Pablo Munoz, Drevy Paschal, and Daniel Sarmiento Melian.

Chartres (CHT):- Matic Groselj, Vanja Ilic, Titouan Afanou Gatine, Yannick Cham, Morten Vium, Nebojsa Grahovac, Gael Tribillon, Sergey Kudinov, Adrian Figueras Trejo, Zoran Radic, Julien Meyer, Sergiy Onufriyenko, Hugo Jund, Alejandro Barbeito, Enzo Coue, Alban Pontlevoy, Svetlin Dimitrov, Korentin Luy, Victor Grillere, Marc Alexandre Saussay, Marc Canellas, Nicolai Pedersen, Swann Beral, and Yvan Verin.

RAP vs CHT: Lineups Player

Saint Raphael (RAP):- Raphael Caucheteux, Alexandre Demaille, Xavier Barachet, Johannes Marescot, Daniel Sarmiento Melian, Fahrudin Melic, and Vadim Gayduchenko.

Chartres (CHT):- Marc Canellas, Vanja Ilic, Svetlin Dimitrov, Nebojsa Grahovac, Adrian Figueras Trejo, Gael Tribillon, and Sergey Kudinov.

RAP vs CHT: Match Prediction

The match is about to start but the fans want to know which team has more chances to win this match. It will not be easy to find which team has more chances to win this match. As we can see from that previous performance of the teams so, team RAP is standing on the 4th spot with 3 victories and a single loss.

On the other side, team CHT is standing on the 8th spot with 3 victories and 2 loss matches. They also lost their last match but now, the team has changed its player and strategies and as per the expert’s advice, team CHT has more chances to win this match.


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