Ukrainians and Russian forces have been losing their soldiers in this war and many families are being separated from their loved ones. The war will destroy many families in the nation. Currently, the Ukrainian sources told to a media agency that Ramzan Kadyrov’s right-hand man, Magomed Tushaev has been killed.

Ramzan Kadyrov's right-hand man

According to the sources, Magomed Tushaev, a Chechen general was killed in an ambush on the second day of his Ukrainian tour. As the representative of the Russian nation whose future was stolen by Putin, it was a poetic punishment with a pawn for the fraternity.

Who is Magomed Tushaev?

Well, many sources are believing that this is an unconfirmed pending confirmation and further information will be revealed soon by the sources. The information was shared by Victor Andrusiv. He took the support of Facebook and shared a post that reads,” According to the murdered kadyriv’s komu general is Magomed Tushaev. the head of the 141 motorized regiment of the Chechnya National Guard.

The most elite unit of sucker Kadyrov. Information that their column rogromili was confirmed by the prisoner. So the cadirovciv in the utensil. Now they will be killed by alpha and nacgvardia in Gostomel. Burn in hell motherfuckers”.

Here are lots of posts which was shared by Victor Andrusiv on his Facebook account. Magomed Ankalaev was the senior Russian Military Commander who commanded Chechen troops, Magomed Tushaev who was killed at Antonov Airport. Along with this, the Ukrainian Armed Forces announced that they destroyed a regiment of supporters of Kadyrov, Yevgeny Karas said that the head of 141 motorized regiment of the Kadyrov guards was killed.

Much information has not been unveiled yet but the sources trying to find out the truth behind these reports. Well, since the news of his demise went viral on social media, many individuals starts to pay tribute to him and express their deep condolence to him. There is no Wikipedia available on the Internet about Magomed Ankalaev.

Well, there is no confirmation that what happened to Magomed Ankalaev? The death post related to Magomed Ankalaev by shared by Victor Andrusiv through a Facebook account. Many are believing that they are just following the rumors while many are expecting that it could be a truth as the situation in Ukraine is going worse than ever. Keep in touch with us to know more about the report.


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