The sixth day of Ayodhya Ki Ramleela (Ramlila of Ayodhya) will take place in Uttar Pradesh’s Ayodhya and the watchers are going more curious than every year to watch this incredible war-love story of Shree Ram. This year is going on like every year because due to the Covid-19 pandemic guidelines, the audience or watchers are not allowed in Ayodhya to watch Ayodhya Ki Ramlila. The grand started was being held on October 6, 2021, and since then, it is airing on online platforms. If you don’t about any information regarding the Ayodhya Ki Ramlila so, we are going to provide you with every important detail of the Ramlila.

Ayodhya Ki Ramleela'

Now, people are going more crazy to watch the live streaming of Ayodhya Ki Ramlila but they are not aware of the information of the live streaming as they are searching about this and want to know that where the live streaming will take place, is it free to watch? The streaming platform name? and many more details. Let us tell you that this time, some of the big celebrities of the film industry are playing important roles in a Ramlila and maybe, the role always suits them. So, scroll down and get every update regarding the Ayodhya Ki Ramlila.

Ayodhya Ki Ramlila Live Streaming & Time

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic in the world, the organizer decided to close the gate for the watcher as this step has been taken by the Government of Uttar Pradesh to keep the safety safe so that people can avoid the danger of Covid-19 and can also watch Ramlila online but where can they watch? Since the Ramlila began in Ayodhya, the live streaming has been telecasting on Doordarshan National Channel.

Along with this, the live streaming will start from 7 PM to 10 PM every day so, you can enjoy the live streaming for 3 hours with your family. It has been 5 days since Ramlila began and today, the day 6th is ready for all the watchers who have been watching the live streaming of the Ayodhya Ki Ramlila.

Ayodhya Ki Ramlila Cast & Roles

This time, Ramlila is about to reach another level after knowing the characters who are playing important role in Ramlila. The organizers have set to reach this Ramlila to 50 crore viewers through a digital medium. Now, popular actors and actresses are playing an important role such as Manoj Tiwari as Angad, Ravi Kishan as Parshuram, Vindu Dara Singh as Hanuman, and on the other side, Shahbaz Khan as Raavan. While, the main role of Ramlila, Ram is being played by actor Rahul Bhuchar.

During an interview, actor Manoj Tiwari told that those who will be involved in Ramlila only after both doses of the Corona vaccine. Shubhash Malik is the chairman of the Ramlila community.


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