The show “Ram Pyaare Sirf Humare” episode starts with Dulari said that this guy is thought to look happy. Koyal said what is the reason for so much talk. Match the Kundli and tell us the best date for the marriage. Dulari said it is so early and don’t like haste people. Dulari said according to the Kundli she is already married and his wife’s name starts with the D.Ram. My wife’s name is Dulari, Koyal said please forget the past and look at your present. Now Ram marries me. Tell me about the date.

Ram Pyaare Sirf Humare

He said according to your Kundli you also engaged already. Koyal said that I already did engagement with him now tell us the marriage perfect date. Dulari said your both Kundli are fighting. Ram says correct. Mainka said to Pandit Ji please match this Kundali. She gives him 2000rs. Dulari said this was a saari or a blouse. Then anyone mentions the 2000 rs. Mainka said start your drama, you get your money. Dulari said to Koyal by heart. I thought she is really the problem. Madhara said these all things are wrong. He left. Sushil requesting to pandit Ji to find out the perfect date and match the date.

This is all about the life of the daughter. Dulari replies alright just because of you I will again check out their Kundli. Ram said that I feel like Dulari is near to me? Madho said it is just a myth. This is all because of the Rudra bhiya. Please come here for some days, my heart is broken. I want a tea on the behalf of the daughter in law. In the place of Dulari, there is a real Pandit Ji. He asks did we have to match out Kundali? Madhara comes outside. He said I will drink the tea with a biscuit. Everyone starts confused about Pandit Ji.

Madho comes inside. He asks did you have a brother who takes our place? Pandit Ji said Ram place is yours? Patang said no. Pandit Ji asks Patag did you play with me? Madhara said this is Dulari? So how can they know our house history. Madhar stroke. Rudra comes, he said no one can stop at pandit Ji to go to the Ram place.  He slaps Patang and Irfan. He said to Pandit ji come with me. Everyone said Tau Ji stop. He close to everyone at home. For more updating news keep follow our website and stay connected with us.


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