Who Is Ralph Frasure? Tribute to the Prestonsburg Police Captain: Recently, three casualties have been reported unfortunately in a shooting incident. According to the source, three government servants lost their precious lives during the exchange of gunfires between an active shooter and police officers in Allen, Kentucky. Among three deceased officers, Ralph Frasure was one of the deceased. We are feeling devastated for Ralph Frasure’s family as he was the devoted officer who even sacrificed his life while serving his duty in Allen, Kentucky. Follow More Updates On UptoBrain.com

Ralph Frasure

Who Is Ralph Frasure?

Since the news of three officers’ death has surfaced on the internet people have been devastated and mourning their deaths. In this article, we are going to pay tribute to those three heroes who lost their lives while confronting the active shooting in Allen, Kentucky. In the further section of this column, you will get to learn the qualities of Ralph Frasure’s persona. So keep following it and must go through every section of this article.

Ralph Frasure was the captain of the Prestonsburg Police Department but he sadly became a victim of an active shooting alongside a police K9 in Kentucky’s Allen. Following the breaking out of Ralph Frasure’s death news, many people paid him tribute on social media. But prior to anyone, Ralph Frasure’s daughter posted an emotional message on Facebook to pay tribute to her father. Kindly take a look below to learn more about Ralph Frasure.

As per the source, Captain Ralph Frasure was 39 years old when he passed away and he was a veteran law enforcement officer who was famous for being a wonderful man and possessing heroic guts in his soul. Ralph Frasure’s daughter praised him by saying him the hero of the people and she also quoted that he “loved his family like no other”. Stacy Frasure McGuire also quoted on Facebook, “You watch media about shootings and suppose it is never going to happen here, evil has arrived our nation. An evil soul departed my daddie’s soul today.”

Her daughter further quoted, “I know I have to forget everything but how do I do that?” According to Stacy Frasure, her father was a great man and he used to take care of his family like no other. Our prayers and extended thoughts are with Ralph Frasure’s family and daughter during this time. May Ralph Frasure rest in peace. Stay connected with this page for more details and information.


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