Maybe, social media has filed with lots of controversies and viral news. We have been noticing for the last few weeks that the cases of viral and leaked video have been increased on social media and it is creating a huge buzz in social media. Currently, another video on the Internet is getting viral and the video was coming from Gujarat where a pornographic video of a girl/woman is dancing in a room of a famous 5-star Hotel Imperial in Gujarat.

Rajkot Imperial Hotel Dance Viral Video

Yes, the video was recorded outside the hotel window where a girl can be seen dancing. The video went viral on October 1, 2021, and was recorded at the 5-star Hotel Imperial Place on Yagnik Road in Rajkot.

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When the report was received by Crime Branch, they reached the hotel and investigated the situation. According to the sources, DCP of Zone-1, Manohar Singh Jadeja situated a press conference at the Commissioner’s Office where he told that a complaint as been lodged at the police station.

Rajkot Imperial Hotel Dance Viral Video

The police is investigating and they also got help from Crime Branch yesterday. Police are currently watching the footage of the hotel room, whether there was a party in the hotel or something else happened there and the sources of video to identify the about the video.

Police said that two videos went viral on a single day and they checked both the video and the second video was inside the hotel. The police are currently investigating. He also added that the video was recorded from a tall building and some sources said that they even don’t know that how they came to the hotel and there was no party inside the hotel at that day.

As per the investigation, the video was recorded around September 23, 24, or 25. The hotel manager told to police that there was no illegal activity that happened and they said if any kind of illegal activity will be found, legal action will take against them.

Hotel Imperial Viral Video Explored

Currently, the video has been removed from all the social media sources and the investigation has also started. It could be seen inside the video that girls were dancing in a nude condition at the hotel and it could be identified that the girl is a model. The video was recorded from the front of the video and the window of the hotel room was opened and the girl can be seen clearly inside her room. There could be some chances that there were some more people inside the hotel room.

A case has been lodged against the video and police are investigating the case to identify the source of the video. The police are also checking the booking schedule of the people who were present in the room in the last few days. There are no evidence found yet in this case but soon, the police will reached to the source of this video.


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