Again one of the most viral news on the internet, the news is related to most viral personality, whose name is Rea Chakraborty. Some of the pictures are getting viral on social media sites such as Insta and Twitter. You might be in the swim, but she is the headline of the news, millions of people are looking for more details related to this matter. There are some deleted pics, available on Google, this relationship is seeming pretty awkward between an old person and a young girl.

Rhea Chakraborty Raghu Ram and Rajiv Lakshman at a family get-together

Rajiv Lakshman has deleted some of the Instagram post featuring Rea, as per the source, we got to know, on the post he called her “My Girl”.He also took down all the pictures on the Instagram Stories.  Later he explained through the statement, Rajiv has shared a post, in which he said, it was the wrong choice of words I did, and it brought unnecessary troubles for us. Further, he added more, she is one of my old friends, and I really glad to meet her after a long time. He wrote it.

you must have heard about Rea Chakraborty,  before a couple of months, she was in the limelight of the media related to the SSR cast, and later, she was caught for being the drug paddler. She is found in controversies most of the time, and she is here. Now she is again in the limelight for the pictures with the Rajiv, their names are connected together by the people and on the internet, they are trolled.

Rajiv’s wife so far has not deleted the pictures, of Rajiv with the Rea, which were clicked in the Dandekar’s birthday bash. At the Birthday bash, we could see many Bollywood celebs including Rea with the other guest. Some photos are still visible on her Instagram stories.



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