India coming forward in many streams in which games have also become a part today. Today, India has going to launch India’s first PC and console game Raji: An Ancient Epic. The first game of India now out for PC, PS4 Xbox One today. Many people were waiting for this game who know about this before. On August 18, the game was previously released on Nintendo Switch and gets lots of popularity. Very genuine action and adventure game named Raji: An Ancient Epic come today and many people want to play the game as soon as possible.

Raji India's first game: An Ancient Epic is Released on PC, PS4, and Xbox One

The game was decided to launch in before October but the original reason for the delay in launching on platform PC, PS4, and Xbox One version is the game was a part of the Nintendo Indie World Showcase. The developers launch the game on the first Navaratri because of Indian culture. The game was also based on a girl who fights with lots of monsters and demons to give a story lineup to the game. The story of the game was given below. So, read this article here we discuss all the important points related to the topic.

The story based on Raji who lived a simple life by performing in Circus with her younger brother Golu. One day of Rakshabandhan festival, the circus is besieged by demons and the new lord of the demon called Mahabalasura. The raider killed all except the children, who were kidnapped for an unknown purpose. After that, one demon kidnaps Raji’s brother Golu. When Raji try to defend Golu then one demon stuck her down and left.

Later, she awakens and finds her brother but her brother and other children were kidnaped by demons. Raji wants to rescue Golu and other children and prays to Durga, Goddess of War, who gives them the power to save all the children and give her a sacred weapon to fight with demons. So, the budget of the game was not too big but it is the very best game to show the Indian mythological and historical wonder. The experience of the game is different from others because of puppetry cutscenes, demon designs, and the voice art of Durga and Vishnu. For more details keep in touch with us. We give all the latest updates on the topic.


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