As all of us know that the popularity of the game named Free Fire raised from when the number of players has increased to play the game. Not only this, but the number of people who streaming their gameplay on YouTube and Booyah also give boosts the popularity of the game. Today, we are going to talk about the very popular name of the most prominent gamers and streamers who got his wide popularity with the help of Free Fire. The name of the Indian Community is Raistar and the player are very popular because of their incredible gameplay and entertaining highlights that he posts on the channel.

Raistar Free Fire ID

Raistar Free Fire ID Stats

Let us also tell you that he only upload few videos but his gameplay attracts 5.31 million subscribers on his YouTube Channel. If we talk about his Free Fire ID then his ID is 12022250. Apart from this, he is part of the GyanGamingGG guild whose ID is 61721403. As of today, 5th August 2021, the statistics of the gamer clearly shown that Raistar has participated in 15885 squad games and won 2683 of them. The winning percentage of the gamer is 16.89%. Along with it, the most exciting part of his games is he has eliminated 52401 enemies so far.

Raistar Duo Statistics 

Not only this, but just because of his stats, his kill-to-death ratio is 3.97. Now, the matches that he played with the group of duo then numbers he played are 4485 duo matches. Among these, he won a total of 706 matches with a very decent winning probability of 15.74%. After playing all the matches, the internet stars get a very genuine number of kills in duo matches that is 14355 kills. The kill-to-death ratio of Raistar is 3.80 in duo matches which is extremely impressive and clearly stated why he is very famous and millions of people following him on social media.

Raistar Solo Statistics 

Now, if we talk about the solo games, then Raistar played 3529 solo games in which he grabbed 401 victories with a decent win rate of 11.39%. In his solo games, he collects a very huge number of kills as it follows 10745 kills and the Kill-to-Death ratio of the star in solo games is very well maintained by him to 3.44. All of his stats in every format clearly show that he is a very talented gamer who knows very well how to play the game in the best way.

Raistar Monthly & Yearly Income 

After seeing all this, the income of Raistar from his YouTuber Channel is expected to be $1.9K – $30.7K per month. On the other hand, the star should have an annual income between $23K – $368.4K. The gamer posts his Free Fire gameplay on his YouTube channel since 2019 and continuously collecting very huge fame and popularity from the audience. The total number of videos that he posted on his YouTube Channel is 32 and she gained his popularity just because of these videos. So, Raistar is actually a very popular and talented gamer who garnered millions of fans around the world.


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