Recently, a very interesting song has released to entertain all the people across the country. As all of us know that Rahul Vaidya is a reputed and prominent singer who falls his fans in love with her with his beautiful voice. Now, he released a brand new song especially for his friend whom while he participates in Bigg Boss Season 14. He dedicates his new song to his friend and also the title of the song created the same as the name of his friend. The name of the brand new song of Rahul Vaidya is “Aly”. Now, everyone knows the name of his friend who is Aly Goni.

aly song released

Apart from this, he also dedicates the song to Jasmin Bhasin. They all are very good friends and now they show a strong bond between them. When Rahul shared the first poster of the song then the fans eagerly waiting for the song and place a ton of comments on the post. Now, the song is successfully released and millions of people already watched the song. The song was released by the official channel of Rahul Vaidya named Rahul Vaidya RKV. The song regularly collecting lots of love from the audience.

Let us tell you more about the song. So, the song features Rahul Vaidya who sitting on a chair holding a guitar and lukewarm the song. While the song features Aly Goni and Jasmin Bhasin when they all are in Bigg Boss Season 14. Rahul creates the song extremely well because he shows the clips of the reality show in which they all are looking amazing. From the beginning when Aly visits the Bigg Boss house and meets Jasmin and Rahul. They also show the strong bond of friendship that they very well maintain yet.

After the song end, Rahul also tells something about the song and the journey that how he makes the song “Aly”. The incident that Rahul and Aly were punished after a task and living in the jail but Jasmin was sat close to the jail where Aly living. After seeing this, Rakhi Sawant told some lines which is the starting of the song. Rahul adding some more lines in those and created a beautiful song. The song Aly released today and everyone loves the song because it shows the very beautiful journey of three friends. So, we advised you to hear the song once because it is amazing.


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