Bigg Boss 14 grand finale is just a few days away. Each contestant is fighting to secure a place in the grand finale. According to the past nominations and evictions, there are higher chances of Rubina Dailik and Rahul Vaidya to win the trophy. Even in the recent eviction, no one has taken Rahul Vaidya’s name to evict him directly and Abhinav got eliminated. Rubina and Rahul have always knocked the horns and became popular and strong contestants of this show. There was a time when both were wrong at their part and Salman Khan has always realized their mistakes even though their fans want them in this show.

rahul vaidya and disha parmar

Both of them have a huge fan following who saved them many times. Once Rubina confessed that she came to this show to give a second chance to her marriage and Bigg Boss has also given her this opportunity to understand the problems and sort them out before going outside. Rahul Vaidya proposed to his former girlfriend Disha  Parmar on National Television. Today, Bigg Boss will give surprise to housemates, especially Rahul Vaidya. The housemates are locked in this house for more than 100 days.

Rahul Vaidya & Disha Parmar First Meet At Bigg Boss 14

On Valentine’s day, they will celebrate this day with their loved ones. We will see Disha Parmar enter the house to meet her boyfriend Rahul Vaidya. She will celebrate this day with Rahul Vaidya where he will again propose to Disha marry him to go down on his knees. Every housemate gets happy and teases Rahul Vaidya with Disha Parmar. Disha feels happy and responds to him by showing him a big Yes written on a paper. After this, they spend some quality time with each other.

In an interview, Rahul Vaidya and Disha Parmar confirm that the wedding rituals will be performed on a basic level. The wedding is fixed and my family has spoken to Disha’s parents. There is a lot more which is yet to be decided. Disha said that we will wait for him to come soon with a winning trophy and we will finalize everything soon. In the Bigg Boss house currently, housemates are living with their supporters.

Rahul Vaidya asks that who has taken Abhinav’s name in the recent nomination. Bindu told him that 3 supporters have taken Abhinav’s name. He told that Jasmin, Jaan, and I has taken his name. Rahul got shocked that Jasmin has done that. Nikki Tamboli will have a fight with Jaan as he always interrupts her. To know more about this episode stay connected to us.


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