This news is going to be very shocking for you as it is not something that you get to see often. A man named Raheel Ahmed had driven from Georgia in order to kill his ex-wife, Sania Khan in her apartment. Sania was living in an apartment at Streeterville. What could have driven Raheel to commit such action against a person that he used to know? Follow More Updates On

Raheel Ahmed

Who Is Raheel Ahmed?

The reports were received from the police in Alpharetta, Georgia as they had asked for a check on the well-being of Raheel Ahmed and had sent their officers to an establishment on 200 blocks, East Ohio Street at around 4 in the evening. However, when the police officers reached there they noticed that Raheel was missing from the suburbs of Atlanta where he was living. An Alpharetta police officer was the one who told the Chicago police that Ahmed and Sania were going through a divorce. It was being speculated that he had come there so that he could save their marriage as he was feeling depressed. However, Sania’s friends felt otherwise, as they stated that their divorce had already taken place.

Now, let’s try to tell you just who Raheel Ahmed was. He is the ex-husband of Sania Khan, a photographer. He is also the one who shot her when they had been divorced. He is reported to be missing and has not been found yet. His personal information was received by the Chicago Police from Alpharetta officers.

When the police arrived at the scene of the shooting, they found out that no one was answering the door and when they broke through, they found a dead body lying on the floor. It was the body of Sania as she was shot in the back of her head and there was dry blood found on her face. The police also found Raheel, however, before they could ask anything, he had already killed himself. The police recovered a 9mm handgun and a suicide note by his side.

The couple had separated in the last year. The medical examination revealed that her death was a homicide, on the other hand, Raheel’s death has been declared a suicide. The photographer had even revealed that she had relocated to Chicago where she had grown up. The motive of the murder will now remain a mystery as the killer has committed suicide and is no more in this world.


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