The national TV reality show, Dance Deewane 3 is one of the most popular and amazing reality show in India. There are lots of dancing sensations that are part of the reality show including Madhuri Dixit, Tushar Kalia, and Dharmesh Yelande. While the show is hosted by dancer and actor Raghav Juyal who had worked in some Bollywood movies and is known for his dancing skills.

Raghav Juyal Viral Video

Now, the dancer is accused of racism after his clip from the show, Dance Deewane 3 went viral on the Internet. As per the leaked clip, he can be seen speaking in mock Chinese to introduce the little contest of the show, Gunjan Sinha.

Raghav Juyal Leaked Video

Gunjan Sinha is a contestant from Guwahati, Assam. The show is popular on ColorsTV and has a massive fan following among viewers. Raghav Juyal has massive popularity among the fans as he was excellent in his moves and maybe, there is no one that can follow his steps as exactly he does. He is also known for his jokes on the stage of the reality show and is considered as the best host of the show.

He always creates momentum among little contestants by revealing some fishy jokes. Now, the host is remarks involving Chow Mein and Momos previously to introduce a contestant named Gunjan Singh on the stage.

After this, several posts can be seen on social media that is calling Raghav racism. Raghav’s jokes create another level moments in the show but it seems that his jokes have created some trouble for himself and now, he is giving their statement regarding the viral video on social media where he is claiming that he did not mean that. He also shared a video on his official Instagram account and later, he also shared the clip where he was talking with a contestant on the stage.

Raghav Juyal Video Clip “Chinese”, “Momo” and “Chow Mein Viral

The readers can also visit the official website where they can watch the entire incident and what was actually happened on the stage? At that time, everyone laughed and enjoyed the moment but no one knew that it will create a big controversy on social media. The social media accounts including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter is flooded with tweets in which the netizens are showing their anger and reaction over the comments of Raghav Juyal.

Along with this, the netizens are urging him to issue an unconditional apology on social media. Raghav said in his statement video that he is ashamed on his comments and he did not have the intention to hurt anyone’s feelings. It has become a big issue in India to create racism related to the other religion of the country.

People use momos, Chinese, and chinky kinds of words to call northeast people which is disgusting. People need to understand that everyone is equal and even, no one should call these to anyone.


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