Today’s match will be held in the Saudi Arabian League and both teams can be seen opposing each other in this league because of their spot in the point table. The league is known for introducing some of the best matches in this league and now, the fans are too excited to watch the next battle tonight. According to the sources and updates, team Al-Raed (RAE) and team Al-Shabab (SHB) will face off each other on the football ground and now, they are going to face each other on the football ground. So, let’s wait for the upcoming match.


Now, the match is about to begin in a few hours and those who are excited for the battle can watch this match on the football ground and the tickets are available on the official website of the league. Let us tell you that both teams have already played lots of matches before in this league and once again, they are going to face off each other. A few players such as Mohammed Al-Dossari, Ahmed Sharahili, Carlos Alberto-Junior, Mansoor Al-Bishi, and Abdullah Al-Shamekh will be the best players for the upcoming match. Keep reading to know more details here.

RAE vs SHB: Match Details

  • Team Names:- Al-Raed (RAE) vs Al-Shabab (SHB)
  • League:- Saudi Arabian League
  • Venue:- King Abdullah Sport City Stadium
  • Date:- Friday, May 27, 2022
  • Time:- 11:30 PM IST

RAE vs SHB: Team Squad

Al-Raed (RAE):- Mohammed Salem, Sultan Al-Farhan, Eduardo Henrique, Mansoor Al-Bishi, Abdullah Al-Fahad, Aqel Al-Sahbi, Raed Al-Ghamdi, Iago Herrerin, Abdullah Magrashi, Awad Khamis Al-Faraj, Nayef Abdullah Hazazi, Yahya Sunbul, Rene Ferreira, Khaled Al-Khathalan, Mansour Al-Harbi, Ahmad Al-Zaein, Mohammed Fouzair, Rakan Aldosari, Karim El-Berkaoui, Eder-Lopes, Christian Atsu, Mutlaq Al-Hurayji, Meshari Sunyur, Muteb Al-Mutlaq, Abdulrahman Al-Ghamdi, Hussain Al-Nakhli, Abdullah Al-Shanqiti, Fahad Al-Suyayfy, Yahya Al-Shehri, Abdulmohsen Al-Qahtani, Ahmad Al-Rehaili Al-Harbi, and Mohammed Al-Dossari.

Al-Shabab (SHB):- Fawaz Al-Qarni, Hattan Bahebri, Carlos Alberto-Junior, Iago Santos, Luciano Vietto, Nasser Al-Omran, Fares Garzae, Hussain Shaian, Mohammed Alabsi, Abdullah Al-Joui, Fares Owais, Turki Al-Ammar, Abdullah Saeed, Alfred NDiaye, Nasser Al Bishi, Saad Al-Muwalad, Khalid Al-Ghamdi, Hassan Al-Tambekti, Ahmed Sharahili, Abdullah Al-Shamekh, Fawaz Al-Sagour, Zaid Al-Bawardi, Nawaf Al Dawsari, Mohammed Essa Harbush, John Mary, Moteb Al-Harbi, Nader Abdullah Al-Sharari, Abdullah Al-Huqi, Hussain Al-Sabiyani, Ever Banega, Nawaf Al-Abed, Husain Al-Monassar, and Paulo Lucas.

RAE vs SHB: Lineups Players

Al-Raed (RAE):- Ahmad Al-Rehaili Al-Harbi, Karim El-Berkaoui, Eder-Lopes, Christian Atsu, Mohammed Al-Dossari, Rene Ferreira, Eduardo Henrique, Mansoor Al-Bishi, Khaled Al-Khathalan, Mohammed Salem, and Sultan Al-Farhan.

Al-Shabab (SHB):- Hassan Al-Tambekti, Ahmed Sharahili, Nawaf Al-Abed, Husain Al-Monassar, Paulo Lucas, Abdullah Al-Shamekh, Fawaz Al-Sagour, Ever Banega, Fawaz Al-Qarni, Hattan Bahebri, and Carlos Alberto-Junior.

RAE vs SHB: Match Prediction

Now, the match is about to begin in just few hours and if you are creating your own team so, you must be thinking that which team has more chances to win. According to the sources, team RAE is at the 12th spot with 8 victories out of 27 matches. On the other side, team SHB is at the 4th spot with 27 matches where they won 14 matches and lost 5 matches and if we talk about the prediction so, the victory can goes towards team SHB.


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