Here we are sharing a piece of exciting news with you, the upcoming Football match is RAE vs NSSR. The match is going to be very interesting and entertaining. We have seen previous matches, which were amazing matches. Both teams are too good in the match, both teams are ready to show their move in the upcoming match. Both teams have an amazing style of gameplay. Both teams have a good fan following among people, fans are waiting for the upcoming match, which is going to be between RAE vs NSSR. Both teams will show their moves in the playground.

rae vs nssr

They will win the heart of the audience with their performances. Here are several things for telling you about the news. You are on the right page for getting the right information. We will give you authentic information in this article, The date of the match, Time, Venue, Scoreboard, lineup, prediction, and other information as well. Let’s continue the article.

Details of the match:

Teams – RAE vs NSSR
Date –  Friday, 13th May 2022
Time – 11:20 PM (IST) – 05:50 PM (GMT)
Venue –  King Abdullah Sports City Stadium
League – Saudi Arabian League

The match is going to be very interesting and entertaining. Both teams are ready to give tough competition to each other in the playground. Teams will entertain the audience and their fans like in previous matches. Surely, fans will enjoy the game. Let’s take a look at the lineup of the teams.

Al-Raed Possible Playing 11

1. Ahmad Al-Rehaili Al-Harbi, 2. Khaled Al-Khathalan, 3. Mohammed Al-Dossari, 4. Rene Ferreira, 5. Mohammed Salem, 6.Sultan Al-Farhan, 7. Mansoor Al-Bishi, 8.Eduardo Henrique, 9.Karim El-Berkaoui, 10.Christian Atsu, 11.Eder-Lopes

Al-Nassr Possible Playing 11

1.Amin Al-Bukhari, 2.Ali Al-Oujami, 3.Abdulelah Al-Amri, 4.Hamad Al-Mansour, 5.Mansour Al Shammari, 6.Abdulmajeed Al-Salihim, 7.Gonzalo Martinez, 8.Anderson Talisca, 9.Anselmo de Moraes, 10.Vincent Aboubakar, 11.Jaloliddin Masharipov.

According to the lineup, both teams have good players, The match is going to be held on 13th May 2022, 11:20 IST. Let’s take a look at the scoreboard, AL-Nasar has played a total of 26 matches and won 16 games, they have lost 7 matches and the draws are 3. On the other hand, AL-Raed has played a total of 26 matches, won 8 matches, they have lost 12 matches and the draws are 6. According to the scoreboard, RAE has more chances to win the match against NASSR. As we know this is a game and the game can change at any time, because both teams are too good. Let’s see which team will win the game, it will be thrilling to watch. Stay tuned for more updates.


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