Saudi Arabian League is coming back with one more enthusiastic and fantastic match of the league and many fans are eagerly waiting to watch this match on the ground as soon as possible. The league just started a few days ago and fans are going more excited to watch the next match.

RAE vs HAZ Live Score

Now, today’s match is going to be started in just a few hours. We will get to see team Al-Raed (RAE) and team Al-Hazem (HAZ) on the ground and both will play their 3rd match in the league. The last matches of the league were amazing and everyone wants to know more about the upcoming match.

Along with this, some fans are searching for important information of the upcoming match including time, date, league, venue, lineups players and many more things but the main point of this article is to provide you with the prediction of the match because many people want to know the prediction of the match and which team has more chances to win this match.

So, the upcoming match will take place at King Abdullah Sports City Stadium, Saudi Arabia. Now, let’s move to the important detail of the match so, you can easily watch them and play on Dream11 as well.

RAE vs HAZ: Match Details

  • Team Names:- Al-Raed (RAE) vs Al-Hazem (HAZ)
  • League:- Saudi Professional League
  • Venue:- King Abdullah Sports City Stadium, Saudi Arabia
  • Date:- Wednesday, August 25, 2021
  • Time:- 09:35 PM IST

RAE vs HAZ: Team Squad

Al-Raed (RAE):- Al. Al-Harbi, A. Doukha, A. Abdullah, F. Al-Suyayfy, N. Miletic, R. Santos, A. Al-Fahad, A. Al-Sahbi, M. Al-Harbi, M. Reman, K. Al-Khathalan, M. Al-Mutlaq, M. Al-Dawsari, A. Al-Qahtani, Eduardo Henrique, A. Al-Mogren, M. Al-Subaie, S. Al-Farhan, H. Al-Nakhli, N. Hazazi, Jaber Issa, A. Maghrahi, A. Faraj, M. Al-Bishi, A. Al-Zaein, M. Fouzair, C. Atsu, Y. Al-Shehri, M. Al-Sahli, K. El Berkaoui, R. Al-Ghamdi, and A. Al-Ghamdi.

Al-Hazem (HAZ):- D. Al-Saeed, I. Zaied, A. Al-Najel, W. Al-Taie, S. Faqihi, F. Al-Obaid, F. Al-Aazmi, Neris, Omar Mohammed, M. Bakheet, Ahmed Al-Shamrani, A. Al-Shammari, A. Al-Dakheel, N. Mousa, A. Al-Juwaid, Alison, A. Al-Nashi, I. Al-Barakah, T. Rodrigues, A. Al-Harajin, C. Strandberg, Y. Omar, S. Al-Saeed, Moha, I. Tandia, Ola John, T. Al-Otaibi, K. Yoda, and Pato.

RAE vs HAZ: XI Lineups Player

Al-Raed (RAE):- Arnaud Djoum, Nemanja Nikolic, Marlo Marin, Abdulrahman Al Ghamdi, Abdulfattah Adam Mohammed, Ronnie Fernandez, Rayan Al Marshoud, Mandour Al-Bishi, Sultan Farhan, Karim El Berkaoui, and Mohammed Fouzair.

Al-Hazem (HAZ):- Ahmad Al-Najei, Ibrahim Albarakah, Carlos Strandberg, Tiago Rodrigues, Ibrahima Tandia, Thaar Al-Otaibi, Abdulaziz Al Nashee, Pato, Alison, Karim Yoda, and Ola John.

RAE vs HAZ: Match Prediction

Now, fans are eagerly waiting to know that which team has more chances to win this match and we can see that both teams have played amazing matches in the last two matches. Team RAE is standing in the 10th position with 3 points and they won only one match and lost another one.

On the other side, team HAZ have also played two matches but they did not win a single match and faced a draw in both matches. As we can see that team RAE has been performing well and it could happen that they will win this upcoming match against HAZ.


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