Radhkrishn is the spiritual show which comes on Star Bharat and everybody is watching the show by so much of craze. We are seeing that Krishna is protecting the whole village by lifting the Govardhan mountain on her smallest finger. Everybody is amazed. Baldau sees that and he becomes so blessed. He says I am lucky enough to watch it by eyes. Krishna is protecting the village and sees Baldau. Radha watches him. Everybody else was holding the sticks. Mahadev was watching this happening and he also becomes amazed to see this.

In Radhakrishn 28th May 2019 episode written updates we will see that Indra is so angry on them and he says I will kill all of them. He asks from clouds that why this village is still alive then clouds tells him that one child is protecting them. Indra asks why and how is this possible. He becomes so arrogant and asks to finish this mountain. Baldau and Krishna talk through the eyes. Baldau asks what we will do now. Krishna says everything will be fine until the end. Indra gathers his powers and starts destroying that mountain. Then nothing happens to Govardhan. Krishna smiles.

Indra remembers what Kansa has said. He remembers that nobody was praising him and everybody was devoted to that mountain instead of him. Kansa becomes so happy as Krishna will be destroyed as Indra is fighting with him. Indra then starts using his weapons but nothing happens. Kansa is so happy as he thinks that Krishna will die today. Indra thinks maybe there is something wrong in this kid and Krishna is not a normal kid. For more updates of Radhakrishn written episode updates you should stay with us.


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